Sime explores tomorrow's digital opportunities

Sime 2017 is designed to expand and challenge your perspectives and improve the way you understand the future. The agenda is being continuously developed to be at the cutting edge of what is important and we are happy to present you with a sneak preview of what is to come.

Sime explores today's and tomorrow's digital opportunities

Sime 2017 is designed to expand and challenge your perspectives and improve the way you understand the future. The agenda is being continuously developed to be at the cutting edge of what is important and we are happy to present you with a sneak preview of what is to come.

On Sime’s main stage and on 10 special summits where we deep dive in the topics you chose, you will meet brave leaders sharing best practice as well as industry experts providing a toolkit for navigating tomorrow’s business opportunities. Sime will also look at growth mindset, the role of the disruptive entrepreneurs and brave intrapreneurs and how we can surf the wave of new technology.

Sime summits are special events within the event that are designed around some of the most relevant topics of our time. Sime Summits provide a unique deep dive in the topic together with local and international speakers, a very knowledgable audience and a fast paced interactive format combining entertainment, matchmaking and cutting edge insights.

Agenda day 1

Held at Cirkus, Stockholm.

Nov 15

09:00 A hail storm of digital cool, Ola Ahlvarsson

Key takeaways
• Buzz words and the real mega trends that will affect all of us.
• A must-know list of new digital disruptors.

A Silicon Valley outlook with CNN’s Laurie Segall


10.00 Innovating a digital future – the Amazon way

Case Amazon, arguably one of the most innovative companies on the planet.

Key takeaways
• Understanding the innovation mindset of Amazon.
• The future of retail.
• The future of computing.
• Why content is king and Amazon spends billions on just that.


Inside the brains of super entrepreneurs

We have gone unicorn hunting and found what makes them tick.

Key takeaways
• How challengers think and what you can learn from it.
• Wonderful stories of doing the impossible.
• New ways of creating value through digital transformation.

Buckle up – The future of cars

Get in the back seat while thought leaders are driving the car industry in to the future.

Key takeaways
• The car industry of tomorrow.
• Self driving cars and how they will change society.
• When cars will fly.



Summits and workshops

Digital marketing Summit – A special summit on the future of marketing with invited thought leaders.

Social Impact Summit – A special summit for social entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and CSR professionals.

Growth (aka the Scale Up Summit) – A special summit on the art of growth together with the fastest growing companies from Sweden and beyond.

Innovation Summit – A special summit for supercharging digital innovation together with innovation experts, innovation directors and corporate change makers.


14:00 Scale Up – An introduction to the science of hyper growth
We deep dive into the secret sauce behind the fastest growing companies and into the science of scaling up.

Key takeaways
• Why some companies grow and others don’t.
• Introduction to the “scale up” methodology and the science behind it.
• How a growth mindset can be used in both small and large organizations.

Scale up Safari

Meet some of the coolest and hottest scale up companies in town.

Driving digital change

Up close with the top executives in charge of changing traditional industries forever.

Key takeaways
• The leadership skills needed to transform a traditional industry.
• Pitfalls and common mistakes.
• A sneak peak into the future of some of our largest industries.

The new media landscape – Understanding the secret sauce of communication

An important Odyssey into the ever changing media landscape of today and tomorrow where new marketing opportunities are killing the old, where fake news are challenging (or empowering) journalism and where everyone with a phone can become a media.

Key takeaways
• The new communications arena and what it means for brands and consumers.
• Why truth is becoming a scarce and valuable resource.
• What consumers really want.

The 10 principles of Burning Man and why you should really care!

The Burning Man event has gone from being just an utopian hippie gathering in the desert to challenging how we build our societies. Here is why…

Key takeaways
• Why Burning Man’s philosophy is affecting fashion, politics, people around you and soon you.
• A glimpse into the most interesting event on planet earth.
• Why concepts like “radical kindness” and “radical inclusion” are important.

How to create a cult

We take a deep look into why we believe and how you can create a cult like following around your brand, you or a cause that makes people believe.

Busses leave for the Epicenter Match Making cocktail

Agenda day 2

Held at Epicenter, Stockholm's first house of innovation.

Nov 16

08:30 Matchmaking breakfast and mingle at Epicenter

Disruption Hall
The future of real-estate and property technology

Key takeaways
• Living and winning in a world full of connected buildings.
• Meet the disruptors in property technology, from Internet of Things to smart energy and beyond.
• A mind-boggling visit into our future cities.

The future of health

Key takeaways
• The wonderful advances in medicine and health.
• How digital and medical are converging.
• How technology is changing humanity.

The ultimate 5G summit

Key takeaways
• Understanding 5G.
• What 5G enables and the business opportunities of unparalleled speed.
• Mingle and experience sharing.

Epicenter Playa aka Terrace

09:00–11:30 VR Summit

Key takeaways
• The latest and greatest cases from the wonderful world of VR.
• Experience-sharing with thought leaders and peers in the VR Industry.

Start up safari

Key takeaways
• Meet the most inspiring, ambitious, crazy and cool start ups in this ultimate start up case safari.

Sime Consciousness

Key takeaways
• Why modern leadership starts with self leadership.
• The inner journey to better leadership through self development.
• Thoughts, tools and tricks that make you a better (self) leader.


09:00 Expert talks – Artificial intelligence

Key takeaways
• Everything you wanted to know about artificial intelligence.
• Case safari: AI applications.
• Thought leader mingle and experience sharing.

Expert talks – Storytelling

Key takeaways
• The art of storytelling in a digital world.
• Wonderful stories and how they are told.
• How to brand and market through stories that matter.

Expert talks – Innovation

Key takeaways
• Innovation methods of the best innovators.
• How to call bluffs from consultants and “innovation impostors”.
• Experience sharing with thought leaders and peers.

Expert talks – Mobile marketing

Key takeaways
• Mobile marketing case safari.
• How to ace your mobile marketing strategy.
• Thought leader mingle and experience sharing.

Expert talks – Security

Key takeaways
• Security update: the hottest trends, threats and what we can do against them.
• Case safari.
• Industry mingle and experience sharing.

Expert talks – Robotics

Key takeaways
• Understanding where the robots are today and tomorrow.
• The opportunities and limitations in a robotic society.
• Robot ethics and avoiding terminators.

Sime a match making made in heaven

This year’s Sime will take matchmaking to the next level through a digital and onsite ”Tinder” for doing great business. Meet your existing and future customers, partners, employees and friends day 1 at Cirkus and in exciting new matchmaking formats at Epicenter Day 2.


Sime combines main stage keynotes, debates and interviews with in-depth workshops, summits and master classes where thought leaders interact with smaller groups digging deep into the subjects the audience chooses.

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