Day 1 @ Cirkus Stockholm

True high level digital inspiration

On Sime’s main stage and on special summits where we deep dive in the topics you chose, you will meet brave leaders sharing best practice as well as industry experts providing a toolkit for navigating tomorrow’s business opportunities.

09:00 A hail storm of digital cool, Ola Ahlvarsson

09:20 A Silicon Valley outlook with CNN’s Laurie Segall

09:35 Inside the brains of super entrepreneurs
We have gone unicorn hunting and found what makes them tick.

10.00 Mindful technology – when your brain is the interface

10:30 Break

11.00 Innovating a digital future
Case safari

11:20 Driving digital change
Up close with the top executives in charge of changing traditional industries forever.

11:40 Scale Up – An introduction to the science of hyper growth
We deep dive into the secret sauce behind the fastest growing companies and into the science of scaling up.

Day 1 Summits 12:00–14:00

Digital marketing Summit

A special summit on the future of marketing with invited thought leaders.

Innovation Summit

A special summit for supercharging digital innovation together with innovation experts, innovation directors and corporate change makers.

Sime Consciousness

A summit where you discover why modern leadership starts with self leadership. Disrupt your thoughts and get tools and tricks that make you a better (self) leader.

Social Impact Summit

A special summit for social entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and CSR professionals.


14:00 Scale up Safari
Meet some of the coolest and hottest scale up companies in town.

14:30 Are we becoming superhuman – The future of Health

14:50 Picking the winners

15:10 Designing success – The products, services, design and mindset shaping tomorrow’s success stories.

15:30 Who can you trust? –A view on cyber security and the risks in a connected society

15:50 Mastering storytelling

We take a deep look at what makes a story touch the heart and smiles of an audience… and why storytelling is becoming the most important skill of any ambitious leader.

Day 2 @ Epicenter | Nov 16

Day two Sime moves to Epicenter and Sime Land with over 10 industry summits, expert talks and a full day of engineered matchmaking in addition to the best party in town.

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Sime Summits | Nov 15 & 16

This year Sime takes new grip on business match making. Between and after the main stage sessions Day 1 and all of Day 2 at Epicenter Stockholm there are numerous interesting summits as well as chances to meet thoughtleaders.

See all summits here

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