09:00 A hail storm of digital cool, Ola Ahlvarsson

09:20 A Silicon Valley outlook with CNN’s Laurie Segall

10.00 Innovating a digital future – the Amazon way
Case Amazon, arguably one of the most innovative companies on the planet.

10:30 Break

11:00 Inside the brains of super entrepreneurs
We have gone unicorn hunting and found what makes them tick.

11:30 Buckle up – The future of cars
Get in the back seat while thought leaders are driving the car industry in to the future.

Day 1 Summits 13:00–15:00

Digital marketing Summit

A special summit on the future of marketing with invited thought leaders.

The future of health

The wonderful advances in medicine and health. How digital and medical are converging and how technology is changing humanity.

Growth (aka the Scale Up Summit)

A special summit on the art of growth together with the fastest growing companies from Sweden and beyond.

Innovation Summit

A special summit for supercharging digital innovation together with innovation experts, innovation directors and corporate change makers.

Social Impact Summit

A special summit for social entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and CSR professionals.


12:00 Lunch

14:00 Scale Up – An introduction to the science of hyper growth
We deep dive into the secret sauce behind the fastest growing companies and into the science of scaling up.

14:30 Scale up Safari
Meet some of the coolest and hottest scale up companies in town.

14:50 Driving digital change
Up close with the top executives in charge of changing traditional industries forever.

15:10 The new media landscape – Understanding the secret sauce of communication
An important Odyssey into the ever changing media landscape of today and tomorrow where new marketing opportunities are killing the old, where fake news are challenging (or empowering) journalism and where everyone with a phone can become a media.

15:30 The 10 principles of Burning Man and why you should really care!
The Burning Man event has gone from being just an utopian hippie gathering in the desert to challenging how we build our societies. Here is why…

15.50 How to create a cult
We take a deep look into why we believe and how you can create a cult like following around your brand, you or a cause that makes people believe.