08:30 Matchmaking breakfast and mingle at Epicenter

Disruption Hall

08:30–10:30 The Future of Media Summit

10:30–12:30 IoT Summit

13:00–15:00 The Future of Shopping Summit

15:00–17:00 The future of real-estate and property tech summit

Epicenter Playa aka Terrace

09:00–11:30 VR Summit

13:00–14:30 Start up safari

14:30–16:00 Sime Consciousness


09:00 Expert talks – Artificial intelligence

Key takeaways
• Everything you wanted to know about artificial intelligence.
• Case safari: AI applications.
• Thought leader mingle and experience sharing.

10:00 Expert talks – Storytelling

Key takeaways
• The art of storytelling in a digital world.
• Wonderful stories and how they are told.
• How to brand and market through stories that matter.

11:00 Expert talks – Innovation

Key takeaways
• Innovation methods of the best innovators.
• How to call bluffs from consultants and “innovation impostors”.
• Experience sharing with thought leaders and peers.

13:00 Expert talks – Mobile marketing

Key takeaways
• Mobile marketing case safari.
• How to ace your mobile marketing strategy.
• Thoughtleader mingle and experience sharing.

14:00 Expert talks – Security

Key takeaways
• Security update: the hottest trends, threats and what we can do against them.
• Case safari.
• Industry mingle and experience sharing.

15:00 Expert talks – Robotics

Key takeaways
• Understanding where the robots are today and tomorrow.
• The opportunities and limitations in a robotic society.
• Robot ethics and avoiding terminators.

Venue TBD

13:00–14:00 Digital Transformation Leadership Summit