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Only one day to go before the Sime experience starts!

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It’s now or never… Tomorrow at 9AM the Sime Magic begins. We have two amazing days ahead of us with:

» A fantastic speaker lineup
» More Summits and workshops than ever
» An agenda with a wealth of experiences and insights
» Social Impact in collaboration with Ekskäret


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Join us at Sime HR Leadership Mingle 

When the first day of Sime is wrapping up on the main stage, it’s time for HR Leadership Mingle. An exclusive by-invitation-only event with Sime and co-host Careereye, where we mingle and explore what the latest strategies, technologies and digital opportunities mean for HR and leadership. Who should attend?


If you want to listen to … 

A wide range of speakers from different backgrounds discuss what the age of digital transformation means for leadership and the quest for talent.

  • Danica Kragic, Professor of Computer Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm
  • Cecilia Lundin, SVP Human Resources and People Engager, Telia Company
  • Laurie Segall, Senior Technology correspondent for CNNMoney, and editor-at-large for CNN Tech
  • Henrik Ehrenberg, Samhällspolitisk Chef, Unionen
  • Robin Farmanfarmaian, Founder, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Patient & Medical Technologist
  • Ola Ahlvarsson, Serial entrepreneur, Chairman Sime and Result
  • Tommie Cau, Vice President Marketing & Communications, Careereye

If you want to mingle with …

Leaders & HR managers from different businesses, such as Google, SAS, Svenska Spel, Ericsson, H&M, Apollo Group, to mention a few.

If these questions sounds intriguing to you …

What new jobs will be created when the robots kill our current ones? What will the world of human work look like in post-robot economies? What’s the latest leadership trends from digital hot spot (not Stockholm, the other one) Silicon Valley? What can HR leaders and managers do with the latest digital opportunities, like robotics and AI technologies? And when everyone joins the collaborative platform economy, who governs the global talent market?

These and many more topics we will adress and start exploring, with a lot of new and old friends, tasty drinks and occasional robots. Simply put we mix the best from Sime with the brightest minds in HR.


Apply for an invitation here >>

Read more about the HR Leadership Mingle here >> 

Hillary Clinton’s debate coach, a 13 year old Elon Musk and all about the role of technology in the future in a turbulent world at Sime Stockholm

This year’s Sime deep dives into the Future of Health with world-leading experts as author Robin Farmanfarmaian, Val Spiridonov – the first patient ever to undergo a head transplant, King’s CEO Riccardo Zacconi and a 13-year-old physicist who’s predicted to become the next Elon Musk. The agenda for 2016 is a combination of the big questions that move us all and the digital tools we need to stay ahead.   



Sime Stockholm, Northern Europe’s leading event on how digital technology changes how we work, live and play is held November 15–16 at Cirkus.

Sime was created already 1996 to spread knowledge about digital opportunities based on a belief that future prosperity is built through technology and entrepreneurship, and that the digitalization creates a more transparent and fair society.


Runaway tech evaluations 

2016 is a year that has seen more value created within the tech sector than ever before with a growing number of so-called Unicorns (entrepreneurial companies valued to more than a billion dollars), who challenges the traditional industry giants. A year where it has been more clear that future threats will not come from traditional competition, but from fast-growing tech companies who rushes into more and more areas.


At Sime the audience will among others meet King’s CEO Riccardo Zacconi and other ”Unicorn founders” and will get an exciting insight into how leading fast-growers are created.


Political turbulence driven by social media 

2016 is also one of the most turbulent years in modern time where the political pendulum swings with social media as a means. Sime takes place just after the US election, which is at risk to throw us back into the days of the cold war with protectionism and radical ideas in the front seat. In that world Internet and digitalization become even more important questions on the global agenda. Sime’s program therefore will be a combination of the bigger questions that move us all, professionally as well as individually, plus it will contain the digital tools we need to stay ahead. To better understand the role of technology in a world turning more and more complex, Sime has invited CNN’s technology editor Laurie Segall, who together with Ola Ahlvarsson will lead two days program at Cirkus with 60 speakers.


We will also meet White House veteran and Hilary Clinton’s debate coach, Richard Green who will provide a unique insight in the US election that has just occurred.


The future Elon Musk? For the first time in Sweden!

For the first time the Swedish audience will get the chance to also meet wonder-kid and physicist Max Loughan who, despite being 13-years-old is compared to geniuses like Tesla’s Elon Musk. He will present his invention that is predicted to be part of the key to our future power supply, a battery-less lamp that generates entry out of the surrounding air’s electromagnetic radiation (at the same time he’s proving that age doesn’t matter if you by the Internet has all knowledge within reach).

14022110_1778999682321960_1846190625287368553_nMax Loughan


Future health and a compelling destiny


Sime deep dives into the future of Health with world-leading experts like author Robin Farmanfarmaian. The audience also meets entrepreneur Val Spiridonov, who has created the first intelligent wheel chair. Val who is severely handicapped and dying in an incurable disease is also the first patient ever to undergo a head transplant where his head is transplanted to a healthy (brain-dead) body in a very debatable and controversial surgery.



AVD50233Val Spiridonov


…and a whole roster of other exciting speakers

Other participants are exciting speakers as communication virtuoso Lottie Knutsson, National Team Coach Pia Sundhage, Robotics professor Danica Kragic and Grammy winner Imogen Heap who, besides making the Harry Potter music, is a frontrunner in the marriage between technology and music.


Sime that according to tradition is held at Cirkus will besides the main stage program arrange four parallel events covering topics as Virtual Reality, Future marketing, Intrapreneurship and Future Health. In addition 16 workshops are offered with invited (international) experts in what will become the largest Sime ever.


>> See this year’s all speakers here


What is Sime? 

Sime is created to spread knowledge about digital opportunities. Sime arranges Sime Stockholm, Sime Miami, Sime Next Generation (for youths 13–17 years old), Sime Consciousness (about the inner journey towards better leadership), Entreprenörskollo and a few other smaller events with industry leading partners. Sime also is an owner and one of the founders of Epicenter, Stockholm’s digital house of innovation.


Who goes to Sime?      

Sime is for business leaders and for those interested in how the tech society changes how we work, live and play. Of the approximately 1800 visitors, ca 400 are international guests interested in ”Silicon Valhalla”. Of the Swedish guests ca 400 are business leaders, 300 marketers, 200 IT professionals, 300 entrepreneurs, 200 advisors and aficionados.



A sneak peak from our girlpower lineup





Danica Kragic

Professor of Computer Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm

Danica Kragic is a Professor of Computer Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. She pursues research in robotics, computer vision and machine learning. Her goal is to develop artificial systems that will take over dirty, dull and dangerous jobs. She has received several international awards for her scientific work and holds IEEE Fellow grade.

She is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and one of the founding members of the Young Academy of Sweden. She serves on the Board of Directors of FAM AB and Institute for Future Studies. Given her interest in fashion and art, she is fronting fashion brand Rodebjer’s campaign I am.




Anna Wikland

Country Manager, Google in Sweden

Anna Wikland works as the Country Manager for Google in Sweden. Prior to Google, Anna worked as the CEO for the digital agency Keybroker. Anna also has a background from the US where she lived for 5 years, working with marketing and communications. Besides her role at Google, Anna sits on the board for IAB Sweden and IT&Telekomföretagen. She is a respected leader and received the “Future Leader” award at Chefsgalan 2015 and also made the list of “Sweden’s 101 super talents” published in January 2016.

wikland facebook



Lottie Knutson

Professional board member, co-owner Careereye

After 16 years as a senior executive at Fritidsresor/TUI Lottie Knutson today acts as a senior advisor and professional board member, with positions in companies like Stena Line, Scandic, Wise Group, Cloetta and others.

Having experienced heads on the digital transformation of the travel industry – with digital channels, peer-to-peer reviews and a transparency revolution – Lottie also joined Swedish digital HR startup Careereye in 2016, as a board member and investor. At Careereye current and former employees can rate, review and share their experience with different employers.

Lottie is also an author and highly regarded advisor in the areas of trust, change and digital transformation.

Knutsson facebook

Sime VR Summit

Welcome to join us at the Sime VR Summit where we work to take the hype factor out of VR and get down to business. What are the relevant user cases today for VR applications in industries beyond gaming and entertainment? What are truly value adding activities to focus on for you and the clients you advise? Join us to meet the people who don’t just talk but do, who toil and sweat to build the real value adding VR platforms of tomorrow. 


Preliminary Program

12:25 Welcoming words by Ola Ahlvarsson, moderator and founder of Sime

12:30 (Virtual) Reality check – Is VR creating real value and if so for who?
Henric Larsson, founder Chimney

12:45 Marketing opportunities in VR and beyond
Caroline Roth and Emma af Robson, Warpin Media

13:00–13:30 Case safari:

VR Opportunities in Banking services
Joel Lundgren, SEB’s fintech lab at Epicenter.

VR Opportunities in EdTech
Dag Eklund, ScioVR

VR Opportunities for Live experiences
Cecilia Beck-Friis, RayVR

VR Opportunities in making the world a better place
Marcus Olsson, founder SceneThere

13:30 The future of VR panel – hype or a technology that will change virtually everything?
Maks Giordano, Digital Strategist, Elena Malakhatka, KTH, Joel Ring, VR Sverige


14:00 Closing remarks

Sime VR Summit is the event for you who work in communications and media functions, who have heard a lot hype about VR, who feel pushed by colleagues, bosses and clients to look into the matter and need to get a balanced view of what really works.

Sime Industrial VR beyond the hype will be held at Cirkus November 16, 2016.


Apply HERE and we will contact you shortly.

The countdown can begin!

Feel the vibe as we start the countdown to Sime Stockholm 2016, 15–16 november at Cirkus!

Sime Consciousness, den inre resan mot bättre ledarskap

Välkommen till…

Sime Consciousness, den inre resan till bättre ledarskap, bättre resultat och flow för dig och din organisation. Sime lanserar tillsammans med Stiftelsen Ekskäret, Sime Consciousness, och utforskar en ny dimension of modernt ledarskap. Dagen djupdyker i jag-utveckling, värderingar, mindfulness och hur vi lever, leker och arbetar i en alltmer komplicerad värld.


Världen blir allt mer komplex, teknologi ritar om traditionella sanningar i rekordfart och förändring blir norm i det uppkopplade samhället där vi verkar bli rikare… men olyckligare, friskare… men mer deprimerade… mer uppkopplade… men allt ensammare… Många av de gamla sanningarna verkar inte fungera längre.


”Vi tror att vi måste tänka nytt och utmana hur vi arbetar, hur vi mäter ”framgång” och hur vi skapar samhällen anpassade för våra framtida utmaningar. Vi är övertygade om att det i denna era av paradoxer krävs en ny typ av ledare och bolag, som inte har som affärsidé att exploatera planeten, utan istället förbättra (eller till och med rädda) den. Vi tror att vägen till framgång, hur vi mår och en bättre gemensam agenda startar med en inre resa”, säger Ola Ahlvarsson, en av grundarna till Sime.”

Den 31 maj 2016 öppnas dörrarna på Rival i Stockholm för en heldag med fantastiska talare, upplevelse-zoner och oväntade möten.

Mikael Spreitz

Missa inte!


- Från torped till medmänniska – en resa från hat till godhet

Mikael Spreitz (alias Millenium-skurken Niederman), skådespelare, tidigare våldsbrottsling och grundare till Fighterhjälpen. En känslosam och brutal inblick i varför han, och många med honom, valde ett liv styrt av våld och om hur han mot alla odds lyckades sadla om.

- Varför mår vi sämre när allt verkar bli bättre… och måste det vara så?

Anna Bennich Karlstedt, psykolog och flitigt anlitad expertkommentator i TV4, HR-rådgivare och entreprenör.

På scenen träffar du även Adam Horowitz, neuro science- och mindfulnessguru från MIT, Caroline Stiernstedt Sahlborn – VD Stiftelsen Ekskäret, Stefan Einhorn, Alexander Bard, Christina Andersson – forskare Compassion, Jan Artem Henriksson – SelfLeaders, Annie Wegelius – entreprenör och TV-guru, Tomas Björkman – grundare Stiftelsen Ekskäret, Hannes Sjöblad – Singularity University och Chief Disruption Officer på Epicenter, Stella Watkins – milliennial with an attitude, Erik Fernholm – Growing Minds, författaren Christer Olsson, samt många fler.


Prissättning av biljetter: Sime Consciousness prissättning är i år baserad på så kallat “trust price”, vilket betyder att besökaren betalar det de tycker att den har råd med. Man får dessutom tillbaka sina pengar om man inte är nöjd med eventet.

Tid och plats: 31 maj, 09.00-16.00, Hotel Rival, Mariatorget. Kontakta Julia Anjou för pressackreditering.


Se hela agendan här:



Sime consciousness



Welcome to Sime Stockholm 2016!

Sime 2016 goes beyond digital transformation and explores the new industrial models that are shaping every industry (yes, yours too) where fast growing international disruptors are challenging traditional leaders, who themselves are seizing digital opportunities and reinventing the path to success.



This year new speakers will be announced every month. This year we also invite you to play a game of trust… If you trust us and book the ticket now, not knowing the full agenda, we give you 40% discount AND promise you a full ticket refund if you are not fully satisfied with your Sime experience.

Sneak preview of some of speakers: Digital pop icon and Grammy winner Imogen Heap, Adam Haar Horowitz, MIT neuroscientist (and mind reading star), Mia Brunell, President and CEO, Axel Johnsson AB and board professional, Robin Starbuck Farmanfarmaian, exponential health expert, Singularity University and author of “The Patient as CEO”, Chris MacDonald, thought provoking passionista, Marco Giberti, world leading event expert and author on physical meetings in a digital world.

Sime early bird ticket


Programmatic changing the marketing landscape

Programmatic buying has successfully made its way into the world of digital advertising over the past few years. But the potential for further development is still huge and it is clear that the industry still faces a few challenges:


The supply side needs to tackle the problem of online-fraud more actively

Online advertising enables us to access many websites free of charge. Fraudsters have been around on the Internet since its inception. Online advertising’s success has attracted criminal elements. Problems associated with both traffic or online fraud have therefore not emerged because of programmatic buying. This is a problem inherent to the medium and has been around for a long time. Rocket Fuel, its competitors, the big marketers and all serious operators in the market are endeavouring to do their best to limit online fraud. Nevertheless, the problem will always exist to a certain degree. Fraud happens everywhere – in banking, for example, as well as in other sectors.


Prices reached in auctions are not important, it’s all about ROI.

The price issue comes up again and again. How would price transparency be of benefit? Many providers explain exactly which impression was bought for how many Euros. Which benefit does the customer derive from knowing that he pays between 9 cents and 90 Euros at Every DSP’s, demand side platform, trade secret is to know why intelligent technology has in one case decided that 90 Euro was offered for the impression, and 90 cents in another case. It is difficult for the customer to fully comprehend this. With respect to transparency, it is much more important to understand which environments, times of day, advertising factors or messages on the advertising materials work well. Orienting future campaigns on prices would be a mistake in 99 per cent of cases. Programmatic media buying is aimed at individual users and not at specific environments. It is more important for advertisers to have the media budget used in an efficient way, and to know what kind of ROI will result at the end of the campaign.


Well-targeted branding campaigns do work.

Data-driven brand communication is possible, and in the process, there are many different solutions and concepts. Rocket Fuel is taking the “Survey Based Optimisation” approach: Market research is conducted and an advertising campaign is carried out at the same time. The campaign will then be adapted in real time to the results collected during market research. This means that when we have created a sufficiently high number of surveys, we can generate learnings from this very quickly and optimise the campaign – with respect to messaging, advertising materials and even the advert. Target groups can also be excluded in this way. Another approach is guaranteeing to the customer that the advertising is supplied only to the target group specified by him. Independent market research companies such as Nielsen or comScore then confirm that the target group was reached. The customer learns more about his defined target group through data-driven branding campaigns. This is a big advantage compared to all other types of media.


Media agencies should redefine their role within the ecosystem.

A media agency should not simultaneously be a media buyer, since the agency’s objectivity will consequently diminish, and also the proposed media plan’s credibility. Frequently, those differing interests clash. A neutral position is much more useful for an agency. Data-driven media buying does not replace the agency’s role as strategic consultant. Agencies should obtain information, recognise trends and advise customers on their requirements as best as they can. If an agency also acts as a buyer, it has to gear towards best conditions and the best product, which is sometimes difficult, given the variety of offers in the market.


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This post was published by Magnus Johansson, Country Manager Nordic Rocket Fuel, a leader in programmatic buying from California.