Hey Head of HR, are you up to date?

HR and recruitment has changed significantly the last decade. From the way new jobs are being distributed (imagine traditional classifieds in newspapers once a week) to the way companies hire, HR industry has undergone a subtle transformation. While smarter applicants get in with good connections, a lot of us still trust the invisible process of sending in a resume and hoping there is a bullet point in the resume that would land you the job.

Unfortunately those times are slowly dwindling away.

8 things recruiters should notice about a resume

The subtle changes digital brings to recruitment is showcased in 8 Things Recruiters Notice About Your Resume at First Glance in which Ambra Benjamin, engineering recruiter at Facebook, previously LivingSocial, Google and Expedia shares his personal opinion on candidate resumes. It’s a clear example of how application preference has shifted from hard to soft copy resumes, text convertible documents, and increased access to online profiles and portfolios.

But resumes, do they belong in the future?

More hard-hitting impacts, as Jason Fried of 37 signals explains in his “Never Read Another Resume” are that recruiters today can in fact hire without resumes altogether. In fact, why not. Resumes summarise individuals with a wide array of experience and skills to a one-page bullet point sheet. And with enough exaggerations (or sometimes outright lies), anyone can look good in bullets. We all have made some bad hires in the past.

That’s the picture that emerges from SHL’s recent Global Assessment Trends Report, which surveyed up to 500 HR professionals across 37 different countries. 86% of organisations now conduct personality tests, and 76% ask prospective employees to take job-fitness tests. Culture-fit tests are also growing in popularity in recent years. And of course as we are aware, social media checks are on the rise. Checking candidates’ life history, experiences and values has also become popular. While some may err on how much is too much information and where personal privacy blurs onto professional competency judgment (read Facebook photos after one too many drinks), organisations definitely do want to make their job of hiring from an unknown group of candidates easier – successful hiring after all is key in a company’s growth and development.

Nurture leadership from inside: Intrapreneurship

Another popular trend, which we’re big supporters of, is hiring internally. As new roles emerge, and employee talent shifts and develop, companies spend up to $3 million a year in cultivating future leaders and keeping employees engaged in the company.  It is quite obvious that if you find an internal rock star, you want to nurture the person to take your company forward.

Intrapreneurship rocks. A leap from employee to an owner, all without the most risk taking first step, is such a reward for companies as much for employees. Are you just throwing around innovation as a buzz word within your company or are you actually doing something tangible?

We don’t have all the answers, but there is a place where you can seek them.

If you’re looking to understand how to hire better – smarter – and most importantly motivate your folks to stay with you for longer, then SIME’s HR Summit, exclusively organised for HR directors and business leaders. While we don’t know all the answers, we are bringing together people that together we think can help get to the right place.

Register for your invite here.

Why We’re Excited to Introduce Spotify’s Rochelle King at SIME Stockholm

We’ve come a long way from a one way static medium that used to be our websites and web applications to platforms providing rich and interactive experiences, with each day getting more complex as our technologies progress. And of course, as we make things more exciting, it has gotten easier to be a consumer, always with choices that are abundant. However for someone working to delight and keep consumers, the landscape has got a little more complex with all the data, usage behaviour and the business decisions that go with it. So what is the secret to unlocking this value to make our product consistently satisfying for the end user?

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Absolut branding and the concept of onödigt bra!

In 1979, when a small group of daring design spirits in Stockholm, Sweden, designed the Absolut bottle they were inspired by an apothecary bottle from the 18th century, a classic Swedish functional design, combined with influences from American car design and pop art that was on the edge of contemporary culture at that time. Absolut is “Swedish vodka, onödigt bra in product and design”, and the brand idea is transformation. So, fundamentally, the design is Swedish, and “onödigt bra”. Their look is artistic, bold and stylish – and transformative There are very few brands that match in recognition and recall to Absolut in the spirit world or otherwise. From their iconic designs to mastering the art of finding subcultures to be a part of, they are second to none.

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SIME 101 for dummies

Today, I had someone ask me, if we’re celebrating advancement of all things digital in the world, surely there is a more tech-savvy way of sharing knowledge than to hold a conference, gathering thousands of folks and holding class.

Sure. As is the thought of using Facebook to message a friend rather than meeting friends for dinner.

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SIME 2014: All about celebrating the Internet and Scandinavia

SIME 2014 this year is on November 11-12. As always 2 days of riveting talks, inspiring panels, workshops, parallel summits, fun parties and a gala await. SIME started a long time ago when the Scandinavian internet scene was just beginning, and 2 decades on, the place is at the forefront of leading innovation, pulling its weight in creating massive dollar companies, leading the charge in building an innovative hot spot that has transformed industries.

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