How you know you're a bad CEO

Ola Ahlvarsson, co-creator of Sime, list the top five signs you are.

How you know you're a bad CEO in 2017

Sime co-creator Ola Ahlvarsson kicks off the Sime blog discussion for 2017 with a call of caution. Recognize yourself?

Are you a bad CEO? Or does your company have one? Ola Ahlvarsson, digital serial entrepreneur and co-creator of Sime, gives you his top five signs you’re experiencing one of the two in 2017. Watch out for them!

# 1: Don’t have time

You go ”I don’t have time to go to Sime, because I need to focus on core business instead of that ‘digital stuff’.”

# 2: Traditional industry

You go “Our industry is very traditional, it’s not going to change that much. It’s in fact very regulated, it’s not like the other industries.”

# 3: We’re doing well

You go “Our customers like to work the way we always have. It’s a traditional industry. Look at the numbers, we’re doing well.”

# 4: Marketing can fix it

You go “It doesn’t matter that we don’t have so much digital competence in the management team and board, I think the marketing department can handle a lot of this.”

# 5: Physical has value

You go “I mean let’s face it, if you invest in a real estate company or something physical, like stock, it has value. But that digital stuff, I mean you don’t know if you will get your money back. So I would be cautious about investments in that technology stuff”.

If you are or have a CEO with any of these symptoms you know you are on a rocky road and you better ask for help. Call me!

/Ola Ahlvarsson
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