Introducing the Sime trust discount

Share the Sime love and earn your 20% trust discount.

You share, we care

For this year’s Sime we are taking our sharing and caring for the Sime tribe to the next level. Introducing the Sime trust discount, awarding you a 20% discount on your Sime ticket if you share Sime.

The Sime trust discount is a way for you to help us share Sime so more people can enjoy it, and for us to show you our appreciation. Launched today, the trust discount will be awarded to the first 100 people who help us spread Sime to their friends and networks. In short: you share, we care.

The trust discount is valid for Sime Stockholm 2017 on November 15-16.

It’s simple

This only thing you need to do is send us an email and tell us what you’ve done according to the below.


This is how it works.

Option 1: Share Sime Stockholm to your friends

You can share Sime Stockholm 2017 to your friends and networks, through email or social media. You can do this in a variety of ways:

* Share Sime’s social media posts in your own social media feed
* Write your own update about Sime Stockholm 2017 in your social media feed
* Write your own update in your social media feed using content from
* Email 5 friends about Sime Stockholm 2017 .

Option 2: Share your best Sime memory

If you are a Sime fan or regular visitor you probably have a lot of great memories from Sime. You can write about and share one of your best Sime memory in your own social media feed and tag the post with #Sime17 and #simemagic (apart from including a link to in your post).

Get 20% Trust discount on Sime

If you do either one of these two options and email with a summary of what you have done, we will send the Sime trust discount code for your personal Sime Stockholm 2017 ticket.

What are you waiting for?

The Sime trust discount will be awarded to the first 100 people who help us spread the love and stories of Sime. So get going, jump in to one of our channels or dig deep in that memory of yours.

Here is our channels and the hashtag we use is #Sime17 and #simemagic.





Thanks for helping us share the love and stories around Sime. We can’t wait to see and feel yours!

/the Sime team




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