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10 reasons why you can’t miss Sime 2015

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1. Ok, like we always say, its the best party in town. Any town. Guaranteed.


2. Sime this year is not just about challening your conventional way of building a business, but giving you a tool kit to enable digital transformaton inside your company


3. We will have the best showcase of futuristic gadgets for you feel and play with, like for example the Beam Telepresence Robot, Leap Motion Sensors, a Bitcoin ATM and bodyhacking.


4. The people at Sime are going to be your peers, partners or idols


5. Amazing speakers, you will say I saw them first at Sime to your grand child


6. If you are into social and non-profit, we have a separate summit for you, called the SIME Social Impact


7. If you are into commerce, we haven’t forgotten you. You get special workshops and a summit for your own called the (R)etail summit


8. If you are into HR, we love you too. Here is our HR summit


9. If you are a start-up looking to raise money, we have some of the leading investors and entrepreneurs on site.


10. If you are into just having a good time and getting inspired, there is no better place than Stockholm this year at Sime.

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Northzone & Sime is giving away 50 Sime tickets to passionate female entrepreneurs 

Northzone and Sime has released 50 Sime tickets for female change makers who wants to build, change and inspire the world we live in. The free tickets are targeted to new exciting entrepreneurial women that are not leaders in established companies but who are creating something new from the start that enriches the community. A two day Sime ticket normally cost 10,800 SEK + VAT but will now be completely free for 50 inspiring and upcoming women.


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10 quick questions with Moor’s CEO Kerstin Cooley

Kerstin Cooley

Name: Kerstin Cooley

Company and jobroleMOOR, CEO

Short background: Kerstin Cooley is the Managing Partner of MOOR.  She has worked on management or investment teams at SEB, Trema, Cognito, Echelon and others in Sweden, the UK, the US, Belgium and Japan.  Coming from financial and IT industries she co-founded a boutique marketing and communications firm, has facilitated M&A transactions, lead consulting organisations and now looked at over 1200 startups in the Nordics as an early stage investor.  She is passionate about finding great teams with unique ideas that can change the game globally.


  • What are you most exited about for this years conference?

The insightful, eye-opening conversations I will have, but not yet know about, with a bunch of interesting people.


  • What do you hope to get out of Sime Stockholm 2015? 

Inspiration, exchange with very cool people about the future


  • What is your best tips of how to get the most out of conferences like this? 

Be active, Approach people you don’t know, Talk to as many people as possible.


  • If you take a look at this years speakers, which three will you make sure to listen to? 

Salim Ismail, Yeonmi Park and Laila Pawlak


  • What excites you the most about the future? 

All the things that we don’t know we will need, want, have and see as absolutely crucial.


  • Is there an app that you can’t live without? 

No, not really. I am a heavy user of WhatsApp.


  • What is the best thing about the Internet?

One of the really cool things about the internet is how democratic it’s made the entire process of information sharing.


  • Who is the coolest person you have ever met? 

Jeff Koons, I love his art!


  • What is the best thing about you job? 

Every day I get to sit down and talk to people who are wholeheartedly giving all they have to make their dreams a reality.


  • Do you have a motto in life?

Live every day to the fullest.


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Sime (r)etail Summit – exploring the future of commerce. We are happy to invite you back to this years Sime (r)etail summit held on november 11th. Welcome to an high energy, knowledge packed afternoon with leading retailers and e-tailers, the latest technology and international thought leaders sharing best practice.

> Read more about this years Sime (r)etail summit HERE

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Sime Workshops We have put together a number of sessions led by experts and international speakers to give you a more in depth knowledge covering various topics of the trade.

> Read more about all workshops here HERE

> Here you do not need to apply for an invitation. You just need your Sime ticket and then choose topics that interest you and come by!


Sime HR Summit is an exclusive, by-invitation-only separate Sime event for HR directors and corporate leaders interested in staying ahead in the race for talent. It is the flagship HR and leadership event within Sime and this year solely devoted to the HR impact of Exponential Transformation.

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Innovation is about open-mindedness and sharing

Digitalisation is changing all sectors. Today we are on a journey into the unknown. There are more technological opportunities than ever before and technology is no more an obstacle to the business progress, but an accelerator. You realize this by simply comparing e-commerce in the USA with the Nordics, or by looking at Google’s creativity methods, or by visiting different start-ups at entrepreneurial events like Slush.

The digital revolution is forcing us to innovate, design and develop new services to ensure our own business is competitive. Innovation may be revolutionary, something that changes the everyday life for good, or a new idea generated by a sudden burst of inspiration; it can be a highly practical revelation from a totally different sector, or a simple solution based on customer feedback.

The most highly visible digital innovations are solutions that combine a customer experience with simplicity – making it quick and easy for customers to get things done. Take Über, Airbnb or Magic, for example.

I believe that the success stories of the immediate future will come from organisations that encourage creativity by networking without preconceptions and accepting failure without accusations, and that are not – despite the agony involved – afraid to drive changes through.


Creating something new requires openness

Creating something new rarely starts by analytically reeling off facts. The very first stage of innovation “the ideas stage” is not accelerated by being excessively analytical – especially if this is then followed by shooting ideas down. You have to be, of course, aware of the current business situation, and do your benchmarking, but creating something new always requires a broader perspective; an ability to see beyond existing limitations. Or refusing even to recognise these limitations in the first place! One good example is Volvo’s Roam Delivery concept, that HiQ helped to fulfil, in which the customer experience is improved by a solution that surpasses operational and organisational boundaries:

The key is having the courage to throw petrol on the flames of an idea. In practice this means encouraging a culture of openness. What if, the next time my colleague comes up with a new idea, I were to encourage the idea by saying “Yes, and…”instead of starting with “But we tried something like that before…”

Research suggests that operational efficiency is at its peak in homogeneous organisations, while creativity is at its peak in those that are heterogeneous in terms of education, business expertise, gender, age, etc. In some way or other it is precisely this difference, and the many different viewpoints it involves, that encourages an atmosphere in which new ways of perceiving tasks and customer needs can emerge. Putting together too many people who are too similar can easily result in too many things being done in the same way they have always been done. In a constantly changing operating environment, this is extremely dangerous, as the pace of the most recent digital transition demands that organisations are capable of reinventing themselves, showing courage in going forward and being open-minded towards different target groups, both within and outside the organisation.


Change needs leading: from ideas to action!

If an innovation is not to remain a PowerPoint slide, a drawing on a flip chart or a momentary burst of wild enthusiasm – the brainstorming phase must be followed by linking the idea to descriptions that are concrete enough for its commercial value to be estimated. At this stage, analysis is essential! Today, there are a number of tools available for evaluating commercial ideas, from numerous business canvas models to start-up business evaluations, such as

Innovation is therefore always linked to concrete aims and final outputs. Structures must be in place that ensure that ideas are turned into actual services and products – services and products that fits to the organisation’s operations and culture as effectively as possible. New services and products do, almost by definition, transform existing operating methods and processes, but the change they bring does not happen on its own; this is change that must be lead.

The technology provider plays an important role in implementing the change associated with new digital services, as the change is all-embracing. New digital services change both the scope of the action and the way the business is operated and orchestrated. Because of this, change will always involve both understanding a technical solution and adopting a new way of working. There is no return to the traditional model, in which the technology provider takes responsibility for nothing more than the technical implementation. Today, the provider needs to deliver more than simply code.


Testing accelerates innovation

Innovativeness can only be achieved if we accept uncertainty and the possibility of failure. There are lessons to be learned from failure: none of the major success stories have begun with a stroke of amazing good fortune, but with painstaking work and numerous let-downs. Once a sufficiently precise direction is clear, it is possible to test simple implementations like prototypes and thereby adjust the course, instead of having to start with creating a major implementation only to notice too late, that we are on the wrong track.

In a digital environment, creating something new does not have to be a black and white process that proceeds one step at a time. There is nothing that says that planning and design has to come first and implementation second. At its best, planning and design includes implementation and implementation includes planning and design.

When developing online services – and mobile services in particular – making prototypes is a fast and cost-effective way of testing ideas on end users. Reaching an end result that borders on perfection requires close mutual cooperation between supplier, customer and end user.


Cooperation opens up new angles

People learn from other people. When views and experiences are shared openly, everyone benefits. Doing things together and creating things together also makes the work more meaningful.

Cooperation should logically take place mainly within the organisation and together with different partners or vendors. But when it comes to innovation, extremely interesting results can be obtained when cooperation is seen in an even broader sense. There are already hints that the solutions of the future will be found through forums such as crowd innovation, where new ideas emerge by building networks between different customers and stakeholders. We are seeing more and more of this all the time.

Magic happens when the pragmatic people of the Nordic countries are brought together in the right way. We at HiQ look forward to being part of that magic. And remember, the digital transformation has only just begun. We have an exciting journey into the unknown ahead of us!

//Hanna Hagström, HiQ


HiQ Hanna


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The detailed agenda for Sime 2015 is here

Sime Stockholm this year is back with an agenda that is going to keep you in tune with times and give you a glimpse of the future. The theme for this year is Exponential Transformation. We explore everything in the world of digital that is changing exponentially and understand the ‘how’ to be part of these exponential times.


Check out the full agenda here:





Sime Sime 2015

Interview with Sime speaker Elin Wallberg from Samsung


Name: Elin Wallberg

Company and jobrole: Responsible for Samsung Corporate Citizenship in the Nordics with the responsibility to drive social tech innovation in education, environment and healthcare

Short background about Elin: 

Before joining Samsung Elin spent over 10 years developing global, cross-sector partnerships between governments, private sector, the UN and NGOs at Save the Children, Plan International and Global Child Forum. She considers herself a world citizen after spent most of her time in Nepal, India, Pakistan and Uganda. In 2008 she set up a social enterprise in Beijing, China called the Center of Child Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility (CCRCSR) and was instrumental in initiating the Children’s Rights and Business Principles with the UN Global Compact, Save the Children and UNICEF. Elin’s passion is to push tech and innovation to support solutions to the world’s grand challenges.


  • What are you most excited about for this year’s conference?

Sime is about shaping the future and brings together people with visions, knowledge, and power to change the world. I am excited about seeing some new great examples. I also want to see more companies and partners join the mission around Sime Next, where we engage schools and youth in entrepreneurship.


  • What are Samsung’s plans at Sime?

I can only tell you that Samsung will have an amazing and very important installation together with UNHCR and Better Shelter during Sime which you can’t afford to miss. It will be an experience for the participants to experience the life in “someone else’s shoes” through virtual reality.


  • What excites you the most about the future?

There are numerous examples which show that Virtual Reality experiences have the same impact on a person as a physical, and can also change a person’s behavior. I am excited about the possibilities we therefore have to use virtual reality to create and support learning and understanding among people.


  • Is there an app that you can’t live without?

I am still looking for the complete lifestyle tracker which makes it possible for to push a sustainable and healthy living. I want to be able to track my carbon footprint, food and energy waste, just like everyone is tracking their steps and pulse. The app should help me to set targets, track and convert consumption, transportation and living into a more sustainable one. So where is it?


  • What is the best thing about the Internet? 

Internet can make services, only dreamed of before, accessible and affordable for everyone. Children, living in areas without teachers, can get access to the best education, elderly can get better medical care in their homes and we can address energy waste by Internet of Things.


  • Who is the coolest person you have ever met?

In Uganda in 2009 I met a young entrepreneur called Mary. She was the first female car and motorcycle mechanic in Eastern Uganda and ran her own shop with huge success. She was driven, skilled and brave – and so cool.


  • What is the best thing about your job?

Samsung’s DNA is co-creation meaning that we develop and find solutions together with business partners, consumers and other stakeholders. As a world leading tech company Samsung constantly needs to push the boundaries in innovation, which makes every day exciting. I also get to work with amazing people like young innovators, researchers, and business partners who all are driven by a will to change the world into a better place.


  • What is your favorite Samsung product?

Samsung GearVR.


Don’t miss Elin on the main stage at Sime Stockholm day 1 at 10.05 am


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“Simplicity is the innovation of our time”

Lars Stugemo has worked at HiQ since the company was founded 20 years ago. In November the company CEO will stand on SIME’s main stage, explaining the meaning behind the headline of this post. Let’s hear what he has to say a few weeks before the event!

HiQ Lars Sime 

So Lars. What brings HiQ to SIME?

We have a constant drive to simplify people’s lives and create a more joyful and better

world; SIME is an awesome platform to show everyone what a great and relevant company

HiQ is. When we started 20 years ago, technology was the major driver of innovation. Today,

innovation is born in the combination of user behaviour and technology. We want to show

how HiQ masters all aspects of this development. It´s also inspiring to hang out with leading

clients and all the creative talents that we meet at SIME.


What would you say is HiQ’s position in today’s digital world and market?

We have the knowledge and experience to help organisations that have a need to cure their

digital anxiety. Many companies see the opportunities with digitalisation but they need a

partner to make it happen. With technology in our DNA, a black belt in communication, and

great people with true passion in our company, HiQ’s position couldn’t be better.


This year’s theme at SIME is “Exponential transformation in a digital world” – what’s your

take on that?

I believe that there is only one world and that digital is a part of it. At HiQ, we strive for

simplicity in every project, every day. By doing that I truly believe that we have a mission to

create a better world. It’s very much needed I’d argue.


What do you see going forward – in society and for your business? What will be the key

factor to keep in mind?

I believe we need to embrace innovation and change, while at the same time we all need to

take responsibility. You can do pretty much anything today, using the latest technology,

gadgets, digital innovations etc. But in order to make all these opportunities useful, in order

to build a stronger and better planet, I personally think that leadership on all levels is critical.

Now and going forward. We only need to have a quick look around us to see that this is key.


You are one of the speakers on SIME’s main stage. What will you talk about?

I will explain why simplicity is the innovation of our time. My wish is that at least a few

people will look up from their smartphones and see the world in a larger context for a few

seconds. That will make us all more competitive, today and in the future.


Okay, to sum it up – what will HiQ be doing at the event? 

Aside from us being on the main stage, we will be hosting two breakout sessions. The first

one is hosted by HiQ’s Patrik Sahlsten as he digs deeper into the challenges a lot of

companies face as digitalisation becomes a vital part of the business. The second one is

hosted by Dr. David Dinka of HiQ where he deals with user experience and the “customer

journey”. All SIME participants will also be able to meet us and learn more about our exciting

projects in our HiQ space. As a general rule – if you meet a happy person that is really smart

– it’s a HiQ’er : )


HiQ in short:

– 1400 employees in four countries

– Known for developing mobile payment solution Swish together with client Bankgirot,

development of innovative safety systems in the automotive industry, and for using the

latest technology in order to stop poaching of rhinos in Africa. To name just a few examples.

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The Billion dollar Club – The creation of Klarna

Lets refresh our memories and go back to Sime 2012 when Ola Ahlvarsson interviews Niklas Adalberth, the founder of Klarna. That is now 3 years ago and a lot has happened since. Recently it was official that the also very successful paying solution Swish, will be a part of Klarna Checkout. But the even bigger news was when they in September applied for permission to make Klarna a bank.


Klarna is one of those amazing companies where resilience is built right in their DNA. After being rejected a whole host of times to get seed funding, the founders pulled through to make it a “unicorn” today (i.e. over 1B EUR+ in private company value). The story of Klarna reminds us of the fine line between vision and hallucination, and how typically the difference is perseverance.

Below is the interview of Niklas Adalberth with our moderator Ola Ahlvarsson at Sime 2012. Lots has changed since then with fin-tech becoming the fastest growing sector in digital today, and Klarna leading the way in its own right across different categories launching even in the US recently.


Do not miss seeing the next Klarna at Sime this year. Get your ticket now

>> See the full interview below:



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10 quick questions with Hannes Sjöblad

10 quick questions with one of this years speakers, Hannes Sjöblad, who is Chief Disruption Officer at Epicenter Stockholm, biohacker and Ambassador for Singularity University Sweden. 


What app can’t you live without? I am still waiting for that app – the app interface that gives me a real time feed of my entire metabolic system and the means to manage it. That would be an app it would be hard to live without.


How do you get inspired at work? There is a saying that you become the average person of the five people you spend most time with – in terms of values, attitudes and lifestyle. So if you want to be inspired, hang out with the most inspiring people and by osmosis you will become like them.


What makes you happy? Real happiness comes from making meaningful contributions together with others using your skills to the outmost.


What is the best thing about the Internet? We are still in the runestone age of the internet, what we have today is just a crude beginning. We still have to use clumsy devices with limited screens to access it. In the coming decade the we will be able to access the internet by way of holographic projections, augmented reality contact lenses and perhaps even through implanted direct neural transmission.


What do you wanna be when you grow up? I’d love to be a billionaire when I grow up – a billionaire in the relevant sense meaning a person who has in some way had a positive impact on a billion people.


Do you have a hobby? I enjoy complex boardgames – it combines great intellectual exercise with the full spectrum of social interactions – and it’s a ton of fun.


If you would recommend a book to the people at Sime, which would that be? Read BOLD by Peter Diamandis, it will change your outlook on what is in your own powers as an individual to achieve in this world.


What scares you about the future? Nothing at all – I think we are moving into a future which is awesome beyond comprehension.


What excites you about the future? You will find out at Sime in November. 


Why do you think people should visit Sime? Sime is about expanding your mental horizons. There is food both for the heart and the brain. Inspirational and touching stories and deep insights into emerging tech trends and new business models.


Don’t miss Hannes at Sime 10-11 Nov!

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Interview with Hannes Sjöblad on personal augmentation with biotechnology.

(Source: Night Hacking)