To stay ahead of the curve

The nature of businesses is to be competitive, which means you have to adapt to survive. Therefore it’s essential for any business to grasp the larger trends that are affecting our society, and the trend towards increased focus on sustainability is one of those. Like with all long term trends things may fluctuate in the… (Read more)

Join MTGx and SIME for the first ever Nordic Google Glass showdown

Ask yourself: Do you like cutting edge technology, and do you have what it takes to bring your ideas to life? If you do, MTGx, Google and SIME would like to invite you to the first ever Nordic Google Glass Showdown, which will take place at SIME Stockholm on November 12. The Google Glass Showdown… (Read more)

The Future of Internet Of Things, 3D-printing & Big Data?

Last week I read a blog post that triggered my thoughts on the future of our society. “The Internet of Things promises that every object will eventually be hooked up to a network. And 3D printing promises that any object we can imagine, we can build—on site and on demand. And big data promises we’ll… (Read more)

The king of conversion on the two sets of customers

Jeff Bezos is the king of conversion. He has run Amazon for 20 years now and is with no doubt one of the top players of e-commerce. Lately he has been investing in news organizations. First it was Business Insider he invested in and then just recently he bought the newspaper Washington Post.   The… (Read more)

3 unknown startups that you’ll love!

Sweden’s startup scene has in the past year been exploding into a vibrant Mecca for entrepreneurs. The startup pitching competition STING Day this spring was a very clear indication of that, the place was packed with international investors. The most recent leap forward for the entrepreneurial Stockholm is the launch of the brand new, VC… (Read more)

The possibilities and limits of technology

Innovation and technology, two of the go to-words for a lot of people discussing how to tackle environmental issues in general and climate issues in particular. It feels intuitive, we replace the old polluting cars, power plants, and industries with non-polluting ones. Problem solved. Obviously it’s not quite that simple. For example, improving on a single… (Read more)

Five trends in e-commerce for 2014

The following are some thoughts on trends in e-commerce and challenges for e-tailers in 2014. 1) Big data In general, companies are stressed out about not using the potential of “big data”. For e-tailers, data-centric customer analyses have for many been a given, since data is the beating heart of e-commerce. 2014 will be the… (Read more)

The startup perspective gets a +1 – Meet Fritjof Andersson!

Collaboration between people within the startup scene is not much of an obscurity today. Actually it quite common, so we asked ourselves why not do the same with our blog team? and invited Fritjof Andersson to join the Startup perspective to bring bring some ideas from his side of the start-up spectra. Hi Fritjof! Who are you… (Read more)

One more thing! – Sara Öhman, provider of the Marketing Perspective

As always, we keep a good thing or two up our sleeve. Today we are giving you the sixth perspective for the guest blog marathon, that will run every week until SIME Stockholm. Say Hi to Sara Öhman, a blog veteran from last year, which will give us some thoughts on the industry from a… (Read more)

Integrity working against usability through obscurity

This week we are having a look at e-commerce and the first post out is signed Roman Pixell at Cloud Nine, who shares his thoughts on how current rulings creates a lose-lose situation for both mobile users and online merchants. It’s been a few months now that the Swedish Data Inspection Board ruled out auto filling in web… (Read more)

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