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Back to the Future day is here!

Today is an epic day for many of us, it’s the exact date (Oct 21, 2015) where Marty McFly travels to the future in the legendary movie Back to the Future II. Any former kids from that era going down in memory lane?

Most inventions of today almost comically started off as dreams from Sci-fi movies. In fact science fiction is a great prelude to technological innovation we see today.  The problem when we look into the future is that we project what we have from today very linearly. However we now know that society works on exponential and its hard to intuitively get the concept. That said, there were few rare geniuses from the past who projected their society from then exponentially to take us into the future.

This year at Sime, we will collectively try to do that with 100+ world leaders, futurists and scientist geniuses on where our world is heading towards? Will robots take over our jobs and be smarter than us? For example, Anna Felländer, rock star economist at Swedbank and speaker at Sime, will dig deeper into the understanding how technology re-writes the rules of economics impacting employment and our chance to compete on the future connected arena.


But now, let’s take a trip down in Back to the Future memory lane:

Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

How can we forget the beautiful flying time machine DeLorean. Imagine that in 2017

you might be able to buy your own flying car, half car half airplane, so now we’re just

waiting for the the motorways in the sky to arrive…


The wearable video glasses (Image The Telegraph) . Today we have a lot of digital glasses

to choose from, which do you prefer: iTVGoggles, Google Glass or Microsofts Hololens?

The Hoverboard. (Image Entertainment Daily) Not as perfect as Marty McFlies

hoverboard, but Tony Hawk is still doing a good job on the Hendo.


Nike self tying Shoes. Hopefully in stores soon! –> 

3D cinema hologram like the Jaws 19. (Image Zerofiltered) Why not try to do your

own hologram at home? 


So to finish off the memory lane bonanza:

  • Back to the Future got a lot right predicting the inventions of today.
  • And finally, don’t forget to watch the movie tonight!

*Enjoy with Pepsi’s Back to the Future special edition to really travel back in time.


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Forget Internet of Things, its the Internet of the body.

We are in an era where 50B connected objects are going to be connected by 2020. But if you are in the cool, you know that’s old news. However, internet of the body, that’s in for this year. How can you “hack” your body and make it smarter.


For example, do you think you lose momentum at work after lunch? Why not use the Muse Headband – it calms you down, makes you focus and helps you find flow back. Or use our electrode simulator for 10 minutes that claims to be equivalent to a 5 hour sleep (ask Hannes for the link to this simulator, I forget the name). Better yet, why not sequence your DNA with 23&me to know what kind of heridtory diseases you can avoid already by just being more careful.

Even better, what happens when you lose your arm and technology gives you a lending hand to make you stronger? This year we feature one of the world’s first bionic arm man Nigel Ackland at Sime.

Nigel Ackland shares the story of how technology gave him a bionic arm stronger than the arm he lost in a conversation with Hannes Sjöblad, passionate body hacker and Singularity University ambassador.

Key takeaways: How man and robots can become a beautiful reality, how technology can lend a helping hand, exploring the frontiers of the internet of the body.


If Hollywood made a movie on this, what would the 5 historical tipping points for human and robot to merge be?

    • 1969 – The first artificial heart was transplanted into the 47 year old Hankell Karps body while he was dying.  It kept him alive during 3 days until he got a real human heart transplant, which sadly only kept him alive for 2 more days. But in 1982 the artificial heart called The Jarvik 7 was implanted in Dr. Barney Clark and kept the him alive for 112 days. Long live life!
    • 1982 – The revolution of hearing. Graham Carrick created the first electronic device to be implanted in an human body. The cochlear implant got his hearing back after 17 years of silence. Imagine that!
    • 2004 – The first brain computer interface, called the Cyberkinetics’s BrainGate™ was implanted in Matthew Nagles head due to a stabbing injury that paralyzed him from the neck down. When he first realized that the implant was working, by moving a pointer on a screen, he burst out: “Holy shit!
    • 2005 – Jesse Sullivan, the worlds first bionic man. After experiencing an electric shock of 7 200 volt (!), the electrician Jesse Sullivan had to amputate both of his arms. Today he is one of the first persons in the world to have brain-controlled arms. 
    • 2015 – The bionic eye. Surgeons in Manchester have recently performed the first bionic eye implant in a patient with the most common cause of sight loss in the developed world. And amazingly, it worked! (BBC News)











 Don’t miss Nigel at Sime 10-11 Nov!

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SIME 2014 vs. 2015

We are now getting closer to this years Sime, which will change how you look at the future forever. Ever since 1996 Sime has created mindblowing events combined wonderful people and amazing opportunities. But how will this year be different from the last?


Sime last year explored the area of digital anxiety – how digital is making us anxious as organisations, leaders, corporate change makers, entrepreneurs searching for the next big thing. We concluded that the cure for digital anxiety is passion. A passion to learn.


This year, Sime is back with everything from exponential to if not you then who, if not now then when.. We think its especially provacative as state of digital seems to be great but Fortune 500 companies shelf lifes are lower than ever. In this era of exponential innovation, what should companies do? What kind of leadership do we need to understand exponential adoption? Sime is back in its full rock n roll glory to explore this with world’s best teachers to corporate change makers who have scaled the summit.


Keep an eye on our blog for personal interviews with our speakers and visitors, but also more detailed information about the conference. The countdown has begun!




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SIME co-creates Stockholm’s first corporate innovation house

SIME together with Result and Sweden’s leading real estate company AMF co-create Europe’s largest innovation house in the center of Stockholm. The initiative called Urban Escape has a lofty mission of making the center of Stockholm the natural center of digital gravity for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, corporate innovators and digital aficinados from all around the world to meet, work and play.

The first initiative called Epicenter, launched last year at SIME Stockholm is located at Malmskillnadsgatan 32. An 8000 sq.m building, Epicenter has 5 products:

  1. Membership access for anyone to a be part of to work in the lounge area, be part of our knowledge sharing sessions every week (Wednesday lunch) and drink beer with us on Fridays.
  2. Small studios that small companies can lease and be part of a vibrant environment. Each studio has its own rooms and access to meeting rooms, lounge areas etc.
  3. Full on rental model for larger companies to rent space from. Our friends at Tictail have taken up one level
  4. Be part of driving knowledge, innovation and digital innovation with our partners at Result, who in turn co-run innovation labs for large corporates. These labs are housed at Epicenter as well to build cutting edge products that can then be spun-off or be integrated back into these large companies
  5. And finally, show spaces for companies that want to exhibit their products or new ideas or technologies.

Epicenter has its own event space, a DJ booth, hot food to be served every day (starting soon), wisdom of the block sessions every week with international thought leaders, exclusive Singularity and Wired events amongst many others. Oh, and we also have chips implanted under the skin so that you don’t need keys to get in, cool right?

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Epicenter web

We are proud to take the next step in fulfilling our mission of spreading knowledge about the internet and digital opportunities. SIME is all about business, bringing people together and having a lot of fun. Epicenter is exactly that. Come by and say hi to us whenever.

Here is what BBC, NBC, DNA India etc tell about us. We are proud and humbled.

A summary of SIME Day 2 from your POV

We have concluded 2 days of discussions at SIME. We have heard some amazing stories from the secret behind Nespresso to the how of global media transformation from Bonnier, to the Sundance award winning documentary by Lina Srivastava. It’s been a ride of understanding where digital is taking us to ultimately finding purpose to do good to society and man kind.

Our moderator Ola summarised it well when 3 things were spoken about constantly: Passion, Flow and Hollywood Moments. Passion alone might not make it, but you need to be in the flow, in the zone craving for more, with your dream big enough to keep pulling you towards your passion. Hollywood moments are needed time and again, where people applaud, recognise your efforts to keep you going.

SIME Day 2 has been a roller coaster of stories, emotions, do’s and dont’s, ending with an amazing performance by rock star turned CEO Dregen from BackYardBabies.

Thank you for making SIME Stockholm 2014, so amazing for us. We sure hope to see you in Miami on December 1-2 or at the SIME Next Generation on May 4, 2015.

A summary of SIME Day 1 from your POV

Thanks to our friends at Eventifier (@eventifierapp) who have collected everything from the social sphere, all the multi-media that were shared by the speakers and all the social buzz into 1 nice scrollable infographic type of experience. Wow, simple things like these make us so proud to be part of the tech world.

You can click through and see all the discussions here

Also, our very own artist’s rendering of all the discussions into 1 near portrait like photo. You can follow him on Instagram here

Wow, what a day we have had from the main stage keynotes and panels, to the workshops, HR Summit, we are mind blown by all the discussions and ideas overheard at the walkways. Thanks for making day 1 so awesome. We can run on this high for a long time.

You can click through and see all the discussions here

SIME Artist rendering Day 1

SIME 2014 introduces yet another star: Samsung

Literally translating to “three stars”, we’re proud to be partnered with Samsung, a global leader in technology, for SIME 2014. Samsung has become an established company and brand, well known for innovative products – whether televisions, cameras, medical devices or of course, tablets and smartphones. Lesser known is it’s humble history, starting as a small trading company in 1938, selling noodles and dried seafood. From this incredible beginning Samsung has evolved into a brand that resonates with global leadership in various industries including IT, shipbuilding, engineering, and of course electronics.

Employing over 200, 000 people across 80 countries, Samsung is definitely one of the most successful globalizer of recent times, Samsung offers much to be learnt on taking a successful business in the home country and taking on the world.

Aside from its beautifully designed smartphones, the company is often spoken of for their relentless innovation and discovery.

With strategic design labs and innovation teams, they’re definitely serious about understanding what it is consumers need long before considering the technologies required to deliver them. It believes (and, to be fair, evidence suggests) that success in consumer electronics can only ever be short term and there is therefore a pressing need for continuous innovation in order to develop new technology platforms and create products that are first of its kind in the marketplace.

On this note, we’re absolutely delighted to introduce you to Marko Nurmela, VP Marketing and Innovation Nordics, Samsung Electronics who is bringing us a thought provoking presentation on the role of technology in the future and how out interactions with technology will become more and more human – or even magic.

To experience the magic yourself, last day to grab your SIME Stockholm tickets!


Schibsted: Always logged in.

Schibsted is the pride of Scandinavian corporate innovation. The meteoric rise of the media group is literally a master class on how to transform your business, how to groom leadership from within, understand and spot trends early on, and back entrepreneurs to run their company even within the group.

While Schibsted as a group is slowly getting more prominent outside Europe, their peers in the media world surely know of them. And its not an exaggeration to say, they probably get inspired from their strategy and even take a leaf (I would say more than a leaf) out of their book.

Value creation model

Their model of creating value as a group has been second to none. They have a clearly defined strategy that places emphasis on “not to do” as much as “to do”. For instance, with Blocket, for a very long time their strategy was to enter all international markets but without any JV’s (i.e. they would own 100% of Blocket in a new market). Their recipe of success was to identify a segment that fits their media model i.e. can they take their existing traffic and build more revenues with more services? Hence, a model like lead generation or comparison of electrical prices or reducing weight with experts as examples all made sense since it fit their media model in Scandinavia. The mantra was a simple cycle of traffic, services, ads, revenues (see my awesome work of art below)

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 06.36.05

Always Logged in.

The model forward is what Schibsted calls the Always Logged in experience, akin to Google or what Yahoo is trying to achieve. You login, and everything gets more personalised, from the news you consume to what ads you see on blocket (classifieds) to the other services that would make sense to you based on your interests and likes.

Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs within Schibsted too.

Another key ingredient of their success is letting entrepreneurs be entrepreneurs within Schibsted. When they acquire a company, Schibsted tries not to change the entrepreneurs who are running it. Rumour even has it that they ease the pressure of the founders by giving them an opportunity to even sell some of their shares if its not a full blown acquisition so that they can keep carrying on without having the financial pressure. While that is just hearsay, irrespective letting entrepreneurs run their company even within Schibsted is quite a feat.

Schibsted has a pretty awesome internal grooming model too. From their world class trainee program to letting intrapreneurs run with their idea, their corporate structure feels more like an enabler than a glass roof as most companies their size might be.

SIME and Schibsted

We have been having Schibsted as a partner for 4 years in a row, and it has been a phenomenal experience for us working with their teams. We are very proud to have them as our partners this year too. Come meet the teams behind Schibsted at SIME on Tuesday!

A pick of SIME Sessions that we look forward to!

The last weekend before SIME is here, and we thought we will put together some of the sessions and panels we are looking forward to. While it is hard to pick our favourites already, we from the SIME content side are anticipating some amazing sessions, and our picks are below.

What are yours? Let us know so you get those front row box office seats :)

For The Digitally Anxious 

We define digitally anxious in 2 dimensions. One, as a user always being distracted by those push notifications, looking at badge counts on email, whatsapp, facebook, instagram… The second is a company or even a person who is always anxious if he/she is following the right trend and market movements.  Focusing on the second, if you feel you are always playing catch up to industry trends, feeling that your organisation can do more than just follow and potentially create new trends (at least micro / mini ones), then welcome to the ever expanding club of digitally anxious.

Quoting an article “Step away from the sheep-like insanity of real time marketing” and re-assess where you want to take your individual job / career or your company.  Some times all it takes it to follow your gut (individually or as an organisation) and understand how you can change user behaviour (or your own entrenched habits). While it is more daring, it is potentially more rewarding too.

Come hear out Anna Nahkala, retail and distribution thought leader and business consultant at IBM Europe with a background as an entrepreneur, industry transformer, advisor and leader and Patrick Mesterton, CEO Result, co founder Epicenter innovation labs and a seasoned corporate innovation advisor on how no matter the size of your organisation, you could be nimble as a start up, creating real impact through digital innovation, being the first mover that gained market share to shut out competition vs. just being in the game of mass marketing trying to steal small market share.

Also on board is Paul Duffy, CEO and Chairman, The Absolut Company, taking us through his story on living a brand in a digital world and how they’re amplifying through social influencers. And most importantly, how they pioneered a new type of media company long before everyone realised they were doing amazing content marketing.

And of course our friends at HiQ Jerker Lindsten, and Magnus Gudhen who take you through some practical tool kits on the pains of digital transformation and how best to remedy through innovation, tapping into the methodology and mindset behind incredible success stories like Swish, Facebook for the blind and deaf and great rock bands.

For Levelling with the Power Horses

The scariest and the best thing about the digital world is that it keep evolving and there is always more to do – new strategies, increased efficiency and better experience.

To challenge you to bring your organisation to the next frontier, we’ve invited Rochelle King, Global VP Design and User Experience, Spotify. Learn what your users are telling you through clicks and navigation and how you can use that insight to mould user experience as a competitive edge.

How to power up on e-Commerce, where digital and physical merge to form new innovative digital models – we’re ecstatic to introduce Marian Schikora, CEO and co-founder of Best Secret, Germany ́s leading secret shopping mega stores and fast moving online giant and Paul Fischbein, CEO of CDON Group, Sweden’s leading digital retail group along with Axel Jonsson.

We’re always curious on what’s next from Google – emailing, media, search, mobile – they do give us the best digital tools to leverage. Meet Gustav Radell, CMO Nordics and Benelux as he spills the beans and shares whats cooking in Google’s innovative kitchen and the future opportunities to take you that much further in your business.

For Celebrating where today will take us tomorrow

Sometimes it’s not about what we’re doing next. Perhaps what you need today is a happy place to sit back in awe, and celebrate all that we’ve achieved. After all, life is pretty unique as far as we can tell today.Come, have a drink, share some stories and add your beautiful voice to the day as we come together to inspire and rejoice.

Karin Nilsdotter in the founder and CEO of Spaceport Sweden and commercial space crafts taking Kiruna into the future “Heathrow of European space travel”. Elected most important women for space, it’s nothing short of incredible to hear how it feels to float around weightless, thinking of strategy for space exploration.

There seems to be absolutely no limit on how far we can go - Marko Nurmela, VP Marketing and Innovation Nordics, Samsung Electronics explains just that in a thought-provoking presentation about the role of technology in the future, and how our interactions with technology will become more and more human – or even magic.

We’ve got a lot more packed into the two days – check out our entire Agenda for SIME Stockholm. With the awesome group of speakers and workshops, we promise you’ll be leaving refreshed, inspired and pumped to kick-start a million new ideas!


5 days to go for 2 important days for your business. You in?

Here is an update from within the curating team.

5 days to go for SIME Stockholm. Lots of final fixes, magic touches being added (they call it “organised chaos”) but this year SIME is shaping up better than the last 10 years. Yes, it has been 10 years since SIME came into our hands from the previous patrons, and we are excited to take this landmark Scandinavian event into the next decade soon!

For those of you who have your SIME passes already, get ready for 2 days of business opportunities, networking, inspiring speeches, amazing food, short coffee lines and epic parties. We will follow up with some house keeping stuff for you to get the most out of SIME very soon. For those of you who are still on the edge of getting to SIME, here is a sample of our 10 reasons you shouldn’t miss this year. If you are still not sure, tell us why, may be we can help you.

2000 people, but you are all very unique to us

There are very few spots left, but one thing is for certain. We do not care about quantity as much as we care about whether each of you have got maximum bang for the time spent. We have such a fantastic mix of people from all over the spectrum that we know its going to be a melting pot of ideas, thoughts, old friends and new business partnerships to be forged.

We have amazing speakers, but which conference claims not to? 

While as with any conference that claims to have the best of the best speakers, which we are happy to have, we also take pride in the way we run SIME. We like to think of the format as the MTV of conferences (compared to lets say a CNN type conference, which is great but may be doesn’t entertain you as much). We believe in careful curation of speakers, thorough interviews and preparation before they show up on stage, well moderated workshops, amazing summits and not to mention 2 days of parties.

Over 50% keep coming back to SIME. We are very grateful 

But most importantly, we believe during these 2 days, you are going to grow your business, directly or indirectly. In the past, millions of Euros have been raised by start ups, partnerships with large media co’s, telco’s have been struck. Do not believe us? Well, we have over 50% of attendees that keep coming back year after year – our cohorts are super loyal. We also have Schibsted as the sponsor for years, and their group likes SIME year after year.

The digiphysical boundaries are blurring

If you are shy, and do not know who to talk to, download our app and there you find all the delegates that you can connect with digitally and in real life. We are trying to break the barriers between digital and physical as much as possible so you get the maximum juice for your business. As with any event, put in a few cents and you should get spades worth of money back. We think SIME is going to be amazing for you.

Welcome to SIME Stockholm next week. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy putting it for you.