Don’t segregate, let’s integrate

“In Google you are brainwashed to think big”. That’s what many of us will remember from the first hour of day one of SIME. Rikard Steiber has imprinted strong words into our thoughts and I believe that a strong majority of the participants at SIME still are carrying around the feeling that was created. It… (Read more)

Retrospect of Sime 2012

Trying to embrace all those bits and pieces of thoughts left from this years SIME. I did most tweeting and since I only attended day 2, I’m just going to let my thoughts flow on what I think was the biggest take aways from the day. “We got technology – we need passion” Although SIME… (Read more)

Sime11 – can you afford to ignore social branding?

As a theme blogger at Sime11, I had the privilege of spending two days in the company of many inspiring and passionate speakers. While the first day kept a high pace with presentations such as Showcases of tomorrow’s superstars, The importance of going mobile and Quick extreme makeover tips for your website, the second day… (Read more)

On Gamification at SIME

SIME 2011 was a flurry of great speaker on a wide area of subjects. While the set theme for SIME was “Passion Wins” another theme running through the conference was going mobile. Gamification was subtly introduced to the SIME audience in a panel on Gamification and marketing. Possibly to set the stage for a larger… (Read more)

Creating for Mobile – Day 2 and round-up of SIME

For day two of SIME, and as a round-up of the whole conference from a mobile perspective, I thought I’d focus on creating in the mobile arena, and bring up some of the interesting tid-bits from our day. The first presenter that really grabbed everyone’s attention during the day was 12-year old Puck Meerburg, founder… (Read more)

Day one at SIME, a mobile perspective

© Image by Petter Karlsson This week, MobileApps and me, Christoffer, have been selected to watch the mobile space at SIME Stockholm, the largest conference in IT and media in Scandinavia. We are very excited about it, and since we’re watching the mobile space closely anyway, we thought it would be a really good opportunity… (Read more)

Advertising and Marketing – the very best of SIME

This years theme at SIME was passion and I bet a lot of the attendants felt it during our two sunny days at Cirkus! Let me guide you through some of the highlights! But first a short presentation! My name is Helen Alfvegren and I work as a digital planner at NPP reklambyrå. Together with… (Read more)

Regarding bloggers pass

Friends of SIME, we are thrilled to know many of you are interested in getting the bloggers pass and I would like to inform all of you that we are making the plan for announcing the bloggers pass soon. So watch out for the announcement in the next weeks. As you might know, our theme… (Read more)

SIME Amsterdam – Great people, BIG conference

The first edition of SIME Amsterdam now is less than one week away. The event is sold out, and our delegates will swarm the premises of the Beurs van Berlage to its full capacity. Since we still have many people knocking at our doors to get access to the event, we are currently referring them… (Read more)

TED Talks – Stories worth telling at SIME

At SIME, we want to bring the art of story telling to you. And we have invited Bruno Giussani, EU Director for the TED Conferences to share some of the most inspiring stories that are worth telling. We invite you to this tale of inspiration and knowledge. We invite you to 2 days of SIME Stockholm full of energy, adrenaline and inspiration. Warm Welcome

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