Presenting to you SIME Non-Profit

A landmark day within the SIME Ecosystem as we spawn out a new arm called SIME Non-Profit, committed to making the world a better place, one step at a time. Its amazing when you think about it how one simple idea can grow in your head like a virus. It goes back to Claudia Gonzales and her profound influence on the audience at SIME -09 and most importantly the moderator Ola Ahlvarsson and the SIME team.

The State of the Digital Media (Repost)

The State of the Digital Media – Did you know 4.0?

10 Tips For Entrepreneurs And Start Ups Looking To Embrace Social Media

10 Tips For Entrepreneurs And Start Ups Looking To Embrace Social Media

SIME Trivia 3 – 3 Questions, 1 ticket to SIME Stockholm.

It’s Mojo Wednesdays and for the last 2 weeks it also means SIME Trivia time

Online Advertising – oops it finally works

Online Advertising – oops it finally works, that’s session 2 at SIME Stockholm on Day 1 Online Advertising has been on a rollercoaster ride for the last 18 or so months. The market seems to be abound with new formats, new technologies, new channels and concepts while some pundits say online advertising doesn’t work. Real… (Read more)

Telling stories that touch the soul

Story telling has become the common fixture for brand managers, marketers, sales agents – anyone in the business of connecting with their audience and consumers (I cannot imagine a business without having such a focus). With dwindling attention spans, everyone is fighting for the attention pie of the same people – from that washing machine company to the next door insurance agent. And in such a world where information is not the crown in the jewel and stories that touch the soul and connects dots are, marketers and brand managers alike need to master the art of story telling.

25 Sites that we can't live without (From TIME)

25 sites that we cannot live without. List from TIME, may be too North-American focused, but nevertheless, a good indication of online behavior, media consumption changes and most importantly, the value of entertainment.

A World Tour in Digital Opportunities

Looking into the future could be tricky in general. And in the online world, when things change with a blink of the eye, calling it hard could be a massive understatement. But that is not stopping us from taking you on a trend tour of the world at SIME 10. Kicking off 2 days at SIME will be the trends that are affecting the way we live, do business and play our lifestyle.

Amazing Augmented Reality + Facebook / Social Media Music Video! (French)

Great AR and Social media combination video

Exposé: I know your secrets

You walk into a H&M, and then you walk into a Zara. You end up buying something in Zara. While you are at it, an invisible man follows you, takes down notes of what you like and what you don’t and then sells your preferences to guys like H&M. So next time you walk in, they know who you are, profile your taste and take you straight to the section you will make a purchase at

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