After almost 30 years in executive management positions and Board of Directors, Bodil has a thorough management experience. She’s a good sales person, acquired over the years as consultant but also as part of demanding cultures where she’s had to argue for her case. She’s data and fact driven, and is a firm believer in that business should be “as local as possible and as global as necessary”. She’s several times successfully developed and managed international teams.
Bodil has broad sector experience: Oil, Insurance, Food and Pharmacy Retail and Automotive. From her ten years of Board of Directors positions, she’s had additional experience in Cosmetic/Selling Direct, Retail and Health Care Sector and through her current director position in Swedbank, gaining insight in the Banking sector.

Though her CV may signal a Brand and Communication expert, her roles has always been based upon a thorough capacity of understanding business requirements, counseling and participating in Strategy development. Ten years in Investor Relations taught her the importance of being analytical while having the capacity to sell your idea. In her latest assignments she’s had responsibility for the broader customer offer to drive sales and customer satisfaction, with a clear focus on digitalization. Today, she’s preparing Volvo for a paradigm shift as consumer preferences move from ownership to accessibility through developing a new global brand and business in car sharing, based on Volvo Cars 20 years of pioneering this sector.