Future of Real Estate and Property Tech Summit | Nov 16

From IOT and connected buildings to smart energy and beyond (a mind-boggling visit into our future cities). Located at Epicenter Stockholm Day 2.
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Real Estate and Property Technology

The Future of Real Estate and Property Tech Summit brings together leaders from the real estate industry as well as the technology companies and disruptors that will shape the future where buildings are connected, data is the new oil and opportunities are plentiful.

We will also leave ample time to exchange experience and meet peers and stars in the by-invitation-only thought leader audience.The sessions are interaction driven – the speakers will give short talks and there will be generous time for Q&A with the invited experts and peers.
The speakers are a mix of local and international leaders and the audience of real estate and technology leaders in addition to participants from the main Sime event.

Themes and Topics

Re-inventing the real estate industry.
Connected buildings.
Case safari.
Sustainable tech – cost or edge?
Co-working, co-living and co-creating.
Industry transformation.

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