Future of Shopping Summit | Nov 16

A summit that explores the shopping experience of tomorrow when digital and physical merge with technology at the core. Located at Epicenter Stockholm Day 2.
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The Future of Shopping

The shopping experience is transforming forever with a converging digital and physical world, global competition, IOT, virtualization and consumers driven by other values than before.

In this thought leader summit we explore how shopping will evolve in a not too distant future.
The speakers are a mix of local and international leaders and the audience is a by-invitation-only mix of industry leaders, disruptors, decision makers and technology leaders in addition to participants from the main Sime event.
The sessions are interaction driven – the speakers will give short talks and there will be generous time for Q&A with the invited experts and peers.
We will also leave ample time to exchange experiences and meet peers and stars in the audience.


10:00 Hello consumer or whatever you will be called – welcome to the shop of the future
Maks Giordano
, founder Kreait

10:30 Everything changes/nothing changes
Petra Stenqvist
, Partner Pond Innovation
Johan Sjöberg, Partner Pond Innovation
The presentation is about human centric perspectives and tools for predicting the future of shopping in a dynamic world.

10:50 Social media turned retail
Isabella Löwengrip
, serial entrepreneur, investor and social media star

11:10 Show me the money – Understanding the payments arena
Claes Berg
, Head of Merchant Services, Paypal

11:25 Understanding who controls our minds
Oskar Axhede
, Chief Evangelist and co-founder, Zound Industries

11:40 Case safari

Grocery for BillionsSverker Lindbo, Head of Nordics, Ocado, the world’s largest online grocery service.

Welcome to a retail adventure – Patrick Mesterton, founder of Epicenter

12:05 Table talks and experience sharing

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