Hillary Clinton’s debate coach, a 13 year old Elon Musk and all about the role of technology in the future in a turbulent world at Sime Stockholm

This year’s Sime deep dives into the Future of Health with world-leading experts as author Robin Farmanfarmaian, Val Spiridonov – the first patient ever to undergo a head transplant, King’s CEO Riccardo Zacconi and a 13-year-old physicist who’s predicted to become the next Elon Musk. The agenda for 2016 is a combination of the big questions that move us all and the digital tools we need to stay ahead.   



Sime Stockholm, Northern Europe’s leading event on how digital technology changes how we work, live and play is held November 15–16 at Cirkus.

Sime was created already 1996 to spread knowledge about digital opportunities based on a belief that future prosperity is built through technology and entrepreneurship, and that the digitalization creates a more transparent and fair society.


Runaway tech evaluations 

2016 is a year that has seen more value created within the tech sector than ever before with a growing number of so-called Unicorns (entrepreneurial companies valued to more than a billion dollars), who challenges the traditional industry giants. A year where it has been more clear that future threats will not come from traditional competition, but from fast-growing tech companies who rushes into more and more areas.


At Sime the audience will among others meet King’s CEO Riccardo Zacconi and other ”Unicorn founders” and will get an exciting insight into how leading fast-growers are created.


Political turbulence driven by social media 

2016 is also one of the most turbulent years in modern time where the political pendulum swings with social media as a means. Sime takes place just after the US election, which is at risk to throw us back into the days of the cold war with protectionism and radical ideas in the front seat. In that world Internet and digitalization become even more important questions on the global agenda. Sime’s program therefore will be a combination of the bigger questions that move us all, professionally as well as individually, plus it will contain the digital tools we need to stay ahead. To better understand the role of technology in a world turning more and more complex, Sime has invited CNN’s technology editor Laurie Segall, who together with Ola Ahlvarsson will lead two days program at Cirkus with 60 speakers.


We will also meet White House veteran and Hilary Clinton’s debate coach, Richard Green who will provide a unique insight in the US election that has just occurred.


The future Elon Musk? For the first time in Sweden!

For the first time the Swedish audience will get the chance to also meet wonder-kid and physicist Max Loughan who, despite being 13-years-old is compared to geniuses like Tesla’s Elon Musk. He will present his invention that is predicted to be part of the key to our future power supply, a battery-less lamp that generates entry out of the surrounding air’s electromagnetic radiation (at the same time he’s proving that age doesn’t matter if you by the Internet has all knowledge within reach).

14022110_1778999682321960_1846190625287368553_nMax Loughan


Future health and a compelling destiny


Sime deep dives into the future of Health with world-leading experts like author Robin Farmanfarmaian. The audience also meets entrepreneur Val Spiridonov, who has created the first intelligent wheel chair. Val who is severely handicapped and dying in an incurable disease is also the first patient ever to undergo a head transplant where his head is transplanted to a healthy (brain-dead) body in a very debatable and controversial surgery.



AVD50233Val Spiridonov


…and a whole roster of other exciting speakers

Other participants are exciting speakers as communication virtuoso Lottie Knutsson, National Team Coach Pia Sundhage, Robotics professor Danica Kragic and Grammy winner Imogen Heap who, besides making the Harry Potter music, is a frontrunner in the marriage between technology and music.


Sime that according to tradition is held at Cirkus will besides the main stage program arrange four parallel events covering topics as Virtual Reality, Future marketing, Intrapreneurship and Future Health. In addition 16 workshops are offered with invited (international) experts in what will become the largest Sime ever.


>> See this year’s all speakers herehttp://sime.nu/stockholm/speakers/


What is Sime? 

Sime is created to spread knowledge about digital opportunities. Sime arranges Sime Stockholm, Sime Miami, Sime Next Generation (for youths 13–17 years old), Sime Consciousness (about the inner journey towards better leadership), Entreprenörskollo and a few other smaller events with industry leading partners. Sime also is an owner and one of the founders of Epicenter, Stockholm’s digital house of innovation.


Who goes to Sime?      

Sime is for business leaders and for those interested in how the tech society changes how we work, live and play. Of the approximately 1800 visitors, ca 400 are international guests interested in ”Silicon Valhalla”. Of the Swedish guests ca 400 are business leaders, 300 marketers, 200 IT professionals, 300 entrepreneurs, 200 advisors and aficionados.