About Sime

Our passion is to spread knowledge about the Internet and digital opportunities

Sime is Northern Europe’s largest conference about the Internet and digital opportunities with flagship events this year in Stockholm and Miami. Sime is about how digital opportunities can convert into new business, a better world and a lot of fun.

The Sime Experience

Sime brings together thought leaders, executives from different industries and entrepreneurs to explore new business opportunities together with world class speakers, workshop leaders and experts. The Sime vibe inspires, challenges and touches every participant regardless if you are one of the 1800 participants at one of our flagship events or part of a Sime CEO dinner with 20 handpicked global CEOs.

At Sime you will smile a lot, learn a lot and meet people that will impact your business as well as become your friends for life.

Who goes to Sime?

Sime arranges open events and closed, by-invitation-only events.

All of our events target professionals and leaders interested in digital business opportunities and in staying ahead in an increasingly fast moving environment where technology creates threats and opportunities for every industry and every company.

The strength of Sime has always been the people attending: A vibrant mix of entrepreneurs, executives from different industries and disciplines, advisors, academics, marketeers, technologists and aficionados. Everyone will meet exciting people they already know and exciting people they are glad they got to know and learn from.

Who speaks at Sime?

Each year Sime invites speakers and panel participants from all over the world. All speakers are leading professionals within their respective niche  and are representatives for the Internet, telecom, entertainment and media industries.





Some of our previous speakers

Previous speakers include: Daniel Ek, founder of Spotify, Julie Hanna, Chairperson Kiwa, Fredrik Skavlan, journalist and The TV personality, Bina Chaurasia, Senior Vice President and Chief HR Officer, Ericsson, Tim Kring, screenwriter and TV producer, Adriana Cisneros, CEO and vice Chairman, Cisneros, Johanna Koljonen, broadcaster, writer and critic, YOHIO, Rockstar, Jan Helin, Editor-in-chief of Aftonbladet, Niklas Zennström, founder of Skype, Esther Dyson, EDventure, investor, author and the queen of US Internet, Joi Ito, CEO Creative Commons, Hans Vestberg, CEO Ericsson, Brent Hoberman, Co-founder of lastminute.com and many more.

Sime gender policy

It is a well-known fact that there is an uneven gender balance in the technology sector and amongst entrepreneurs. Sime wants to take part in changing this picture and encourages more women to enter the business and to attend educations that lead to work in the technology industry.

Further Sime and Sime Social Impact have the ambition to raise the number of females amongst our invited speakers, workshop leaders and jury members. Our focus is to invite women with relevant competencies, experiences and positions, welcoming them to take part in a context where they get to act as the leaders, inspirers or entrepreneurs that they are. We wish to acknowledge that this is just a start – neither Sime nor anyone else can hope to change the uneven gender balance in just one day or even a year. however, we at Sime will take the steps we can to help bring about change, and we hope that our visitors and speakers will help us by in their turn by inviting more women to participate.

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