Join us at Sime HR Leadership Mingle 

When the first day of Sime is wrapping up on the main stage, it’s time for HR Leadership Mingle. An exclusive by-invitation-only event with Sime and co-host Careereye, where we mingle and explore what the latest strategies, technologies and digital opportunities mean for HR and leadership. Who should attend?


If you want to listen to … 

A wide range of speakers from different backgrounds discuss what the age of digital transformation means for leadership and the quest for talent.

  • Danica Kragic, Professor of Computer Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm
  • Cecilia Lundin, SVP Human Resources and People Engager, Telia Company
  • Laurie Segall, Senior Technology correspondent for CNNMoney, and editor-at-large for CNN Tech
  • Henrik Ehrenberg, Samhällspolitisk Chef, Unionen
  • Robin Farmanfarmaian, Founder, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Patient & Medical Technologist
  • Ola Ahlvarsson, Serial entrepreneur, Chairman Sime and Result
  • Tommie Cau, Vice President Marketing & Communications, Careereye

If you want to mingle with …

Leaders & HR managers from different businesses, such as Google, SAS, Svenska Spel, Ericsson, H&M, Apollo Group, to mention a few.

If these questions sounds intriguing to you …

What new jobs will be created when the robots kill our current ones? What will the world of human work look like in post-robot economies? What’s the latest leadership trends from digital hot spot (not Stockholm, the other one) Silicon Valley? What can HR leaders and managers do with the latest digital opportunities, like robotics and AI technologies? And when everyone joins the collaborative platform economy, who governs the global talent market?

These and many more topics we will adress and start exploring, with a lot of new and old friends, tasty drinks and occasional robots. Simply put we mix the best from Sime with the brightest minds in HR.


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