Sime Social Impact Summit | Nov 15

Technology For Good – Embracing Digital Opportunities to Make the World a Better Place.
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It's not just a conference – it's a catalyst

This is the place where NGO:s & corporations, foundations & social enterprises mix and mingle to explore how technology can, and should be, used to make our world a better place through collaborations for change.

Held in association with Sime Stockholm, Sime Social Impact grants 200 selected non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurs free access to Sime. They mix and mingle with the 1200+ Sime guests, and get to attend custom-made Social Impact sessions.


2017 marks our 7th year, and we find ourselves in a future brimming with possibilities. No one who wants to make a difference can afford to miss the tech revolution or arrive late to the table of world changing innovations.


No matter what you’re working with – we’re all in this together. Sime Social Impact is not just about inspiring those working for a cause. It’s about us being the catalyst that helps open up new solutions, new markets and visions that boldly can help solve this world’s toughest problems. Join, and open up your mind for new ways you might never have thought of before.


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Day 1 @ Cirkus | Nov 15

Day one offers a full day of main stage magic and world class content relevant for everyone and every industry. The same day we offer four separate industry summits that deep dive into some of the largest industries and themes.  See the main stage agenda


Social Impact Summit | Nov 15

Venue: Hazelius room at Scandic Hasselbacken – located just across the street opposite the entrance to Cirkus.

Note: Stay tuned as the agenda is continuously updated!

12:00–12:30 Joint lunch with serendipitous meetings (at Cirkus)

12:30 Welcome to The Emotional Industry with Therese Engström, founder of Sime Social Impact (in the Hazelius room)
Introducing Charlotte Brandin, and a short, but sweet and expert take on the subject.

12:40 Investing for meaning – impact investment breaking new frontiers
Norrsken and other organizations and companies using their heads and hearts to expand new frontiers of development.
Moderated by Shawn Westcott from BlueOrchard Asset Management.
Panel: Erik Engellau-Nilsson, CEO Norrsken, Boel Swartling, Angel Investor/Working Chairman, Stephen Lynam, CEO at the start-up MinFarm and Tomas Björkman, applied philosopher, social entrepreneur and investor.

13:10 Getting your social impact measurement up to speed
Reach for Change shares which hands-on tools their portfolio of 165+ game changing social entrepreneurs use to measure their impact.

With Sophia Breitholtz, CEO and Annica Johansson, Global Impact Manager.
Special case: PeppyPals with Rosie Linder.

13:30 H&M Foundation’s Global Change Award and 12 innovative ways technology is saving our fashionistas – and the rest of us
The H&M Foundation takes us on their journey to reinvent fashion through their Global Change Award’s winners and new technology break-throughs, while Impactually introduce us to “nudging”. Because everyday life is full of decisions – how we shop, consume, do business… We understand the effects of our daily choices on society and the planet, but still we don’t always make the right choices. Perhaps all we need is a little nudge in the right direction? “Nudging”, the term, coined by the 2017 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Science, Richard Thaler, is a way to drive people into making better choices for their own and society’s wellbeing, small steps eventually leading to significant changes. Learn how behavioral economics can be used to your social venture or non-profit organization’s advantage.

Moderated by Therese Engström, Co-founder Sime Social Impact.

With Erik Bang, Innovation Lead, H&M Foundation – Nurit Nobel, Behavioral Scientist and Chief Executive Officer, Impactually – Tjeerd Veenhoven, one of the Global Change Award winners and who makes vegan leather from algae.  

14:00 Back to main stage!


Day 2 @ Epicenter | Nov 16

Day 2 Sime moves to Epicenter and Sime Land with over 10 industry summits, expert talks and a full day of engineered matchmaking in addition to the best party in town.

Note: seats are limited. See the agenda 

Why you should attend

Sime Social Impact gives you inspiring and interactive sessions with one focus: you. This is a chance to gear up and see what’s next. And for the corporates, it’s your possibility to act in the intersection between money and meaning. To fully grasp what role the union between technology and development can play.

What we are

Sime Social Impact is held in association with Sime Stockholm at Cirkus and Epicenter in Stockholm on November 15 and 16, 2017. It provides free access for 200 representatives from the non-profit and social venture sectors, invited to custom-made ideas sharing workshops and given access to the latest tools and very best innovators from the world of IT technology. The invited also get to participate in business to non-profit networking with top-thinkers and doers from the world of IT and Tech. Here’s a chance to lift your gaze and see what’s coming.

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We love to get inspired! Please contact us with ideas, thoughts, questions or anything else by email.

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Co-founder and Executive Director

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