Sime VR Summit

Welcome to join us at the Sime VR Summit where we work to take the hype factor out of VR and get down to business. What are the relevant user cases today for VR applications in industries beyond gaming and entertainment? What are truly value adding activities to focus on for you and the clients you advise? Join us to meet the people who don’t just talk but do, who toil and sweat to build the real value adding VR platforms of tomorrow. 


Preliminary Program

12:25 Welcoming words by Ola Ahlvarsson, moderator and founder of Sime

12:30 (Virtual) Reality check – Is VR creating real value and if so for who?
Henric Larsson, founder Chimney

12:45 Marketing opportunities in VR and beyond
Caroline Roth and Emma af Robson, Warpin Media

13:00–13:30 Case safari:

VR Opportunities in Banking services
Joel Lundgren, SEB’s fintech lab at Epicenter.

VR Opportunities in EdTech
Dag Eklund, ScioVR

VR Opportunities for Live experiences
Cecilia Beck-Friis, RayVR

VR Opportunities in making the world a better place
Marcus Olsson, founder SceneThere

13:30 The future of VR panel – hype or a technology that will change virtually everything?
Maks Giordano, Digital Strategist, Elena Malakhatka, KTH, Joel Ring, VR Sverige


14:00 Closing remarks

Sime VR Summit is the event for you who work in communications and media functions, who have heard a lot hype about VR, who feel pushed by colleagues, bosses and clients to look into the matter and need to get a balanced view of what really works.

Sime Industrial VR beyond the hype will be held at Cirkus November 16, 2016.


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