Sime Stockholm Day 2

Program Day 2, November 15

Inspiration sessions and Expert talks are available only for full-access,VIP participants and for participants with 1 or 2 day passes. Summits can be purchased separately.

Note: Events overlap in time

Inspiration sessions: Ola Ahlvarsson and friends share the latest tips and tricks of the trade

09:00–11:00 (Venue: Epicenter terrace)

You will meet in total approx. 100+ speakers including our host Ola Ahlvarsson and many more.

Note: Available for full-access day pass holders and VIP participants only.  


GameTech Summit – Playful Business

11:00–13:00 (Venue: Disruption Hall)

Sime GameTech Summit takes a wide and deep look at gaming, one of the world’s favourite past times, most fast growing industries and the passion of hundreds of millions.

We explore gaming as entertainment and as an important industry. We also try to understand the psychology of great game design, how to enable more students to embark on a carreer in gaming, how politicians can understand and legislate better and how to include gamification to engage kids in learning. We also explore gamification and how games can play an increasingly more important tool for business and learning. 

(This is a Summit – Tickets are sold separately or as part of a day pass.)


Expert Talks

11:00–16:00 (Venue: Technium)

A Sime Expert talk is a thought leader session where handpicked experts and executives discuss a topic with the ambition to dig deeper and share experience. Group sizes range from 15 to 50 with an average of 30 participants.
Note: Available for full-access day pas holders and VIP participants only.

Scale-Up Summit

13:00–15:00 (Venue: Disruption Hall)

At the Scale-Up Summit we bring together successful scale-up founders, CEO:s, investors, policy makers and many more. Together we will share knowledge, personal experiences, and recipes for succesfully scaling a business in the Nordics and beyond.

Inspiration session: Ola Ahlvarsson and friends share the latest trends and tricks of the trade

14:00–16:30 (Venue: The Playa aka the Epicenter Terrace)

Over the days you will meet 100+ speakers including our host Ola Ahlvarsson and many more.

Note: Available for full-access day pass holders or for VIP participants only.

PropTech Summit  

15:00–17:00 (Venue: Disruption Hall)

At the Nordic PropTech Sumit @Sime we will deep dive in the real estate industry’s most promising opportuities, share pains and strtegies and learn from each other. You will meet international and local top speakers. In addition to thought leaders from the industry.

(This is a Summit – Tickets are sold separately or as part of a day pass.)

The Epic Sime Closing Dinner 

20:00–very late

Stay tuned for more information about this epic agenda point.