Adam Haar Horowitz

TA, MIT Gabrieli Lab, McGovern Institute for Brain Research

Adam is focused on frontier projects that pry open disciplinary boundaries, following the invisible strings that tie together unanswerable questions about the stuff of humanity in the arts and sciences.

He has worked with organizations ranging from Harvard Law School and the MIT Media Lab to Art Basel, the Marina Abramovic Institute and the UN. Currently a Neuroscience researcher at MIT’s McGovern Institute studying Consciousness, Mindfulness and Mind-Wandering, Adam works with functional connectivity fMRI chasing down emergent Consciousness at a micro level. Working to apply an understanding of human behavior at scale, Adam straddles disciplines as an advisor to the Economic Development Department in Providence, Rhode Island, building persuasive policy and persuasive spaces for better connected, more conscious cities. He has injected neuroscience into the Marina Abramovic Institute's artistic investigation of empathy, created robotic trees that perform psychological experiments with Schema Arts Collective, and collaborated with MacArthur Fellow playwright Lee Breuer on memoryless Markov chain generated monologues full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

He's lived in and loved creative spaces around the world, from Brazil to Brooklyn, and will be a catalyst for many more. Adam is interested, simply, in what it means to be human—micro and macro—and what approaching leaps forward in this understanding mean for the future of self, cities, tech and design.