Elin Wallberg

Corporate Citizenship Officer, Samsung Electronics Nordic

Elin is heading Samsung’s programmes and research in social innovation for young innovators & start-ups across the Nordics. Prior to joining Samsung Elin was Head of Programmes at Global Child Forum where she ran the initiative Children in a Digital World.

In 2009 she co-founded a social enterprise the Centre for Child Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility in Beijing, China, for Save the Children. She has worked as an advisor to several international companies and is former Chairman of Social Venture Network.

Elin has also introduced the Ring Back Tone service to Sweden, at the earliest days when value-added services entered the mobile phone. Elin has lived and worked across the world, including India, China, Pakistan and Uganda. As a global citizen she speaks Swedish, English, Spanish, German and Dutch and is a true believer that the global digital economy and tech will make the world a better place.