Mahesh Kumar

CEO at Result, co-founder at FitnessCollection and Epicenter

Mahesh Kumar is an entrepreneur, author and fitness enthusiast. Born in India, raised in Singapore and now living in Sweden, Mahesh has moved from a Svennabanan to a pseudo Swede, talking Swedish and building businesses and creating jobs in Sweden.

Mahesh is today the CEO at Result, co-founder at FitnessCollection and Epicenter. In his past life, Mahesh has worked as a co-entrepreneur with many Swedish entrepreneurial companies like Blocket (Schibsted Classifieds Media), Magine TV rolling them out internationally. Mahesh also has a background an intrapreneur working with enterprises like SEB, Telenor and Merck to name a few.

Having fallen in love with Swedes / Vikings and Scandinavia, Mahesh has co-authored a book called “Silicon Valhalla” where Viking attitude meets Silicon Valley Dreams. The book comes out in the fall of 2016 and is illustrated like a kids cartoon book but meant for adults who have high business ambition but no time for management literature.

Mahesh in 2014 fought Thai Boxing professionally in Thailand winning his fight and earning a medal for his club near Phuket. True to his spirit of having a variety of adventures, Mahesh trains Yoga, Martial Arts and Swimming.

Mahesh can be found on his Vespa around Vasastan or by Epicenter, on the phone listening to electro house music or talking Swedish as fast as Indian English.

Note: He does not have the Indian head shake and wears really nice perfume.