Martin Wezowski

Martin has been loving and living design and tech his whole career, as musician, as visual designer. Right now he maps, builds and inspires a future we want to live in, as Chief Designer for SAP's Innovation Center. Design is transforming faster than before, from classic styling of the superficial to system design of everything, including social and political systems, deeply rooted in a space of challenges and promises between cutting edge tech and humanism. In an exponential, digital change, we design a relationship, a behavior, the product will follow. This exponential change is our most important design brief and the stakes are high - It is just too important to be left only to designers.

Martin believes that everything can and should be given a purpose through innovation and design, including the innovation systems themselves. He moved across a broad range of design disciplines from visual, interaction, usability, service to system design. He drives user experience enabling technologies as a tool for beauty and simplicity for people at work, because he claims user experience is the language that bridges technology and life with clear intentions. He also believes that a diverse and curiosity driven culture is key to success, especially in large corporations. Therefore, he invests time driving a creative culture change program at SAP. “Creative culture is the fuel, design is the vehicle, innovation is the journey"
Martin frequently shares his passion for the future of technology and design as speaker, panelist and guest lecturer. He builds on his international adventures stretching from Poland, Sweden, China to Germany and across companies like SAP, Sony and Huawei in consumer electronics, media services and business software. There is probably very few Sci-Fi movies he has not yet seen, there are millions of forests he would love to mountain bike in and miles of coral reefs to dive on. Ask him about anything of the above and you will catch a spark in my eyes and possibly an interesting conversation.