Rolf Skjöldebrand

Founder of the Non-Violence Project and International Branding Strategist for clients such as Acne, IKEA, H&M and Volvo

Rolf Skjoldebrand was born in Stockholm, Sweden 1944. He has a Master in Communications and founded Skjoldebrand&Sjogren Advertising Agency in the late 70s. The agency became one of the high profiled agencies in Sweden and won numerous awards, working with clients like Levis Strauss, H&M, IKEA, Save the Children, Nissan Cars and McDonald´s.

During the same period Rolf also founded Blueprint Publishing (Åka Skidor, Windsurfing and Clic The two first feature magazines in Sweden covering alpine skiing, windsurfing and international fashion. In the beginning of the 90s the agency was aquired by Saatchi&Saatchi in London.

During the 90s Rolf founded Brand Management Navigator,, a branding consulting firm, working with clients such as Swedish Mail, Apple Computers, Rifle Jeans, Bally shoes, IKEA, Volvo Cars, the Swedish Church, Ericsson, the Shibstedt Group and the SEB group. In 1994 Rolf and co founder Jan Hellman started the Non-Violence Project and in 2006 Jan and Rolf initiated Get the Point.