Sebastian Wettemark

Founder & CEO, Wildfire

We often hear that culture eats strategy for breakfast. Is it true? How are organizations prioritizing digital initiatives and what impact does culture have on digital development?

Sebastian Wettemark is founder and CEO of Wildfire – an change bureau focusing on tools that help organizations develop into a digital TRIBE. Sebastian has been rated as one of Sweden’s most promising entrepreneurs under 35 and is a top tier influencer in the Nordic region on how to manifest and build company culture. He has in-depth knowledge on how companies can transform into a TRIBE based on experience from working with organizations like IKEA, H&M and Spotify as well as insights from cutting edge research on values and culture driven oraganizations.

One of the key tools Wildfire uses in cultural change are dilemmas - a playful way to discuss the pivotal situations that we all face in our working life. At SIME, the audience will be invited to discuss some dilemmas where digital development is challenged. Everybody talks about digital, but how bold are we in the change process? Looking down the barrel, do we chose safe revenue or digital opportunities? How does the management team prioritize? What our personal fears in what digital change does to society?