Sofia Gunnarsson

Founder/Owner, Sharp Cookie Advisors

Sofia Gunnarsson is an experienced lawyer working with high growth tech companies in the digital space. She recently founded the law firm Sharp Cookie Advisors, specialized in startup law and internet law. She runs the successful hands-on blog and is a popular business coach to tech founders on strategic decisions.

Since graduating with dual degrees in 2007 in law and entrepreneurship (LL.M. and M.Sc), she has been at the center of technological shifts e.g. as Nokia’s decline in 2007 as IP-strategist in Helsinki to introduction of several American sharing economy concepts as attorney at Baker & McKenzie in Stockholm and London. A strong believer in legaltech, she led the launch of the award-winning digital delivery model of Synch Advokat. She has advised Nordic media conglomerate in online classifieds issues, leading fashion brands in adopting omnichannel model, and more recently advised several startups within ad-tech and music licensing.