Tuesday 10 November


Mingle & lunch

Meet, eat and mingle with fellow curious HR leaders while getting in to the mood for this year's Sime HR Summit.

Location: Festvåningen – Cirkus


Welcome to Sime HR Summit 2015!

Sime HR's Tommie Cau welcomes you to the 4th Sime HR Summit and to a world of exponential opportunities.

Speakers: Tommie Cau

Location: Festvåningen – Cirkus


Creating New Logic – How to Build Exponential Organisations

What does Airbnb, Uber, TED and Amazon have in common? They are all organisations built on exponential principles. In this unique talk we go behind the scenes of exponential organisations with Salim Ismail, Founding Director of Singularity University, TED speaker and author of "Exponential Organisations". How do you build and manage exponential organisations?

Speakers: Salim Ismail

Location: Festvåningen – Cirkus

Karolin Forsling


Mastering the Next Talent Market – How to Attract a New Work Force

In this global outlook we examine a talent market in digital transformation. Together with industry pioneers Henrik Dillman, CEO of Coworks, Karolin Forsling, Chief Development Officer at AMF Fastigheter, and Robert Lyngman, Co-founder at Sqore, we look closer at the global freelance boom, "workforce as a service", the co-working paradigm and more of the new recipes in the exponential war for talent.

Speakers: Henrik Dillman Karolin Forsling Robert Lyngman

Location: Festvåningen – Cirkus


The Machine Talent Paradigm - What Happens When Watson Goes to Work?

What will the era of cognitive science, machine learning and robotics mean for organisations and HR leaders? In this close-up session with Torbjörn Hägglöf, IBM Consultant and Watson Experience expert and Anna Felländer, Digital & Futuring Economist at Swedbank, we deed dive in the growth of machine talent and what it means for the future of work, organisations and societies.

Speakers: Torbjörn Hägglöf Anna Felländer

Location: Festvåningen - Cirkus


Sime Speed Lab - Let's Get Exponential

We use the collective intelligence, creativity and wisdom in the room to self-asses and discuss how to become more exponential.

Location: Festvåningen – Cirkus


Takeaways from the HR Director's Seat

In this heart to heart panel we discuss and reflect on the topic of the day with HR leaders from the front lines. Meet Anne Charlotte Billing, VP HR at Apollo Travel Group, Cecilia Westerholm Beer, Head of Group HR at Cybercom and Kevin Marcellus, Vice President HR for Business Unit Radio at Ericsson.

Speakers: Anne Charlotte Billing Cecilia Westerholm Beer Kevin Marcellus

Location: Festvåningen, Cirkus


What's Next?

Close-up with special guest and key takeaways from the day.

Speakers: Tommie Cau

Location: Festvåningen, Cirkus

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