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Sime Social Impact

Sime Social Impact is the place where the non-profit sector, business leaders, social entrepreneurs and CSR professionals meet to see how they can join forces and together explore how technology can be used to make our world a better place.

It is a free, by invitation only event that runs parallel to the yearly event Sime Stockholm. Offering free and exclusive access to the whole two-day Sime program, it also offers professional networking and custom-made workshops focusing on social and environmental change through innovative and groundbreaking work.

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 If you’re a non-profit leader, social entrepreneur or CSR-professional working hard making the world a better place – apply for an invitation:

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"A firm and proper THANK YOU, Sime Social Impact is really of huge value for us, and for me personally who work with getting our partner organizations to develop in their use of the digital! And it is a huge challenge you take on to get the business sector closer to the non-profit sector. But it is really needed."

"A million thanks for amazingly inspiring days. It meant so much to finally be able to combine the parts "purpose and business". Not until we combind the "do-good" world with the commercial world will we get the leverage that is needed. Now it's up to me to concretise until the projects are doable, and to build in the good-cause thought initially for real social impact."

"I just want to write you a few lines to express my thanks. Sime and Sime Social Impact last week was so inspiring, instructive, fun and giving. All at the same time! I was exhausted two days later. Thank you for arranging such a successful event. It was incredible well organised and you really managed to get so many interesting speakers. The event gave me a kick that is still lasting, and which will affect my work in the future. THANK YOU!"

"When I came home from Sime Social Impact yesterday it felt as if I had been on a journey - so full of stories, happiness and I felt supercharged with inspiration. Thank you!"

"It was so nice to meet at Sime, thank you so much for the possibility. Sime is the absolute best event I have been to."

"First of all I would like to give you HUGE THANKS for giving me the possibility to be at the conference yesterday and today. It was filled with inspiring, talented and innovative speakers that were so exciting to listen to. Especially yesterday morning was really, really good!"

"Thank you Therese for inviting me to Sime Social Impact. These two days have mean extremely much to me and for Seniorliv.se as a project. We will implement more user engagement that we first planned. A big thank you and I would love to attend next time too."

"I heard my favourite expression at Sime today: "Work only with good people that are good". That is exactly what it feels like with you. Thank you! It has been very fun and we are getting more and more collaboration through attending Sime Social Impact. It's a star!"


The participants throughout the years: Action Aid, ACCESS Health International, Afrikagrupperna, AMREF Sweden, Barncancerfonden, Barnens Lopp, Beautiful Stories, Blomsterfonden, Bonnier familjestiftelse, Brighter AB, BRY – Barns Rättsskydd, Brottsofferjouren, Canadian Red Cross, Cancerfonden, Cameroon National Association, Centrum för Rättvisa, Change by Living, Charity Rating, Charity Star, Charity Storm, Charity Tree Foundation, Civil Rights Defenders, Convictus, Diabetesfonden, Djurens Rätt, Drottning Silvias Stiftelse, Dream of the Good, Ecpat, En Frisk Generation, Ersta Diakoni, Engineers Without Borders, EnvironhealthMatters, Ett klick för Skogen, Fairtrade Sweden, FNUF, Fokus Asien, Folke Bernadotteakademien, Forum Syd, Friends, FRII, Friluftsfrämjandet, Fryshuset, FUB, FundedbyMe, Föreningen Psykisk Hälsa, GAVI Alliance, Gemensam Framtid, Global Action Plan, Globalportalen, Good News Magazine, Green Cross, Greenpeace, Hand in Hand, Heroes of Sweden, Hela Människan, Hjärnfonden – Swedish Brain Foundation, Hjärt-Lungfonden, Hjärtebarnsfonden, Human Rights Watch, Human Terrain, Hungerprojektet, Ideell Arena, IDEO, IOGT-NTO, IFA, Individuell Människohjälp, InnovED, Integrate Hands, INTERKAVAKAZ, Internationnella Kvinnoförbundet för Fred och Frihet, Intressegruppen, Invisible Friend, Jiddr, Jump Math, Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation, KFUK-KFUM, kidsgiving2kids.org, Kooperation Utan Gränser, Kvinna till Kvinna, Leksell Social Ventures, Lingua Franca Kommunikationsbyrå, Läkare Utan Gränser, Läkarmissionen, Malteserhjälpen, Mattecentrum, MeCharity, Mentor Sweden, Mind, MinStoraDag, Musikhjälpen/Radiohjälpen, MyRace, Människa+, Mötesplats Social Innovation, National Geographic Europe, Naturarvet, Naturskyddföreningen, Nonprofit PR, OpenLab Stockholm, Operation Smile, Peepoople, Peppy Pals, QuizRR, Reach for Change, Red Cross / Röda korset, RFSU, Rädda Barnen, Stella, World’s Children’s Prize Foundation, WWF and many, many more…

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We love to get inspired! Can you help us to make Sime Social Impact even better? Please contact us with ideas, thoughts, questions or anything else by email to our Co-Founder and Executive Director therese.engstrom@sime.nu

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Thérèse Engström

Co-founder and Executive Director Sime Social Impact


+46 737 852 862