IOT Summit
10:30–12:30 Day 1

Venue: Disruption hall

At the Sime IoT Summit we are exploring what happens when things get connected, intelligent and increasingly more exciting.

We will combine top level content and discussion. Exploring the latest innovations within the Internet of Things and covering the impact it has on many different industries.

IoT strategies – and why they are necessary

–Experience sharing  and insights from different IoT strategies

Case safari: from gadgets to cities

–We showcase different successful IoT implementations that make total sense.

Connecting your products

–What if your product could communicate, what could it tell you and your customers and what are the opportunities?

The risks of an IoT world (aka cyber security)

–The real risks of having a society where everything can be hacked.

Industrial IoT from PowerPoint to large scale factories

–Discussion with industry leaders from traditional industries.

The human perspective – the role of humans in a tech society

–User centricity and the human perspective.