IOT Summit
08:30–10:30 Day 1


Venue: Disruption hall

At the Sime IoT Summit we are exploring what happens when things get connected, intelligent and increasingly more exciting.

We will combine top level content and discussion. Exploring the latest innovations within the Internet of Things and covering the impact it has on many different industries.


08:30 Welcome to an IoT world

Ola Ahlvarsson, Sime

08:45 How to find your iceberg in IoT

Björn Hansen, Head of Entrerprise IoT, Telia Division X

09:00 VR and AR, understanding the real value

Koshi Hamedi, Director of Strategy, Microsoft

09:15 How to survive and thrive in an IoT world

Robin Teigland, Professor, Stockholm School of Economics and Co-director of the Center for Strategy & Competitiveness. 

09:30 Case safari: from gadets to cars and cities

We showcase succesful IoT implementations that makes total sense.

Brainlit – There is light in the IoT tunnel, Åsa Moum, Experience designer and lighting evangelist

Spaceti – Make your building digital, Magnus Åkerberg, Spaceti

Flying cars – yes they exist, Ilya Khanykov,

10:00 Industrial IoT – from PowerPoint to large scale factories

Mahesh Kumar, CEO, Result

10:15 Case Volvo: By 2025, Volvo will give back 1 week of quality time to the consumers; How to make it happen?

Anders Thylman-Mikiewicz, VP Consumer Connectivity, Volvo Cars