Expert talks

10:00–15:00 Day 1

Venue: Revelation Space unless noted

Note: The Expert Talks are only available for full-access, VIP participants and participants with one or two day passes. 

A Sime Expert talk is a thought leader session where handpicked experts and executives discuss a topic with the ambition to dig deeper and share experience. Group sizes range from 15 to 50 with an average of 30 participants.

The Expert talks is were where the most relevant topics and smoking hot phenomena are covered in the Expert Talks format.

Expert Talks will be held on the following topics:

Day 1, May 30

13:00 An entrepreneur’s paradox: Will it make you or brake you? (Note: in Swedish)

Katarina Lundahl, Chefsekonom Unionen

14:00 Experimenting on consumer convenience that truly makes a difference

Jonas Söderqvist, VP Volvo Labs, Donna Hanafi, Mona Khoshoi 

14:00–16:00 Making work Awesome

Join serial entrepreneur and Semco Style leader Arko van Brakel, for a deep dive in the world famous management thinking of Ricardo Semler