Terrace sessions: Patrik Forsberg, Jay Curley and more…

14:00-16:30 Day 1

Venue: The Playa aka the Epicenter Terrace

Over the days you will meet in total approx. 100+ speakers including Patrik Forsberg, founder Stiller Studios and storyteller extraordinaire, Jay Curley, Global Head of Integrated Marketing, Ben & Jerry’s and more…

Note: The main stage sessions on the Playa are only for full-access, VIP participants and participants with one or two day passes.

Afternoon sessions:

14:00 How to build a gateway between the US and the Nordics (while sharing a big secret)

Anna Throne-Holst, President, Swedish American Chamber of Commerce 

14:20 Cyber security for real – (aka The Little JPEG That Could Hack Your Organization)

Marcus Murray, VP Cyber security, TrueSec

14:40 Empowering the next two Billion

Koshi Hamedi, Director of Strategy, Microsoft

15.00 The future is entertainment – a journey with one of the most advanced entertainment studios 

Patrik Forsberg, founder Stiller studios and storyteller extraordinaire.

15.20 Why being good (and tasty) is good business

Jay Curley, Global Marketing Director Activist Marketing, Ben & Jerry’s.

15.40 Creating mind-boggling business while saving the planet

Morten Lund, serial entrepreneur and investor

Morning sessions:

08.00 Breakfast and matchmaking

09.00 The dawning of a new digital spring

Ola Ahlvarsson, Sime.

09.20 The Nordic Tech Phenomenon – behind the scenes

Kina Zeidler, author of “Det svenska techundret” (The Swedish tech wonder).

09.40 A Unicorn founder in search of the Northern Light

Niklas Adalberth, founder of Klarna and Norrsken

10.00 Welcome everyone, integration for real

Emma Rosman, founder Welcome app.

10.10 A vision that changed the world

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, about the road ahead and the digital world we (can) create.