Leadership Lounge for Technology Resilience

09:00–13:45 Day 2

Venue: Ekskäret Klustret (7th floor)

Develop your inner and outer leadership to cope with turbulence ad complexity while co-creating conscious, meaningful and sustainable technological progress.
Join the leadership track to energize, relect and be inspired to unleash your potential for impact and change i your organization and society.

Note: The Leadership Lounge sessions on Ekskäret Klustret are only for full-access, VIP participants and participants with one or two day passes.



09:00–09:20 Opening Meditation

Heidi Andersen, Mindful Based Life

09:30–10:15 Leading from the emerging future – get your genius on!

Learn how to let creativity take charge of the steering wheel and drive your leadership (while fear takes a back seat.)

Heidi Andersen, Mindful Based Life

10:30–11:15 The foundation of effective teams – what does the research say?

The findings from Google explained in an interactive session abut the importance of psychological safety and personal super skills.

Caroline Stiernstedt, Ekskäret Stiftelsen & Gabriella Grusell, Lighthouse Stockholm

12:30–12:50 Meditation

Gabriella Grusell, Lighthouse Stockholm

13:00–13:45 Brain & behavious – a crash course in everyday neuropsychology and about being human in the workplace

Gabriella Grusell, Lighthouse Stockholm

14:00 Smashing IT’s glass ceiling: research shows inclusion & diversity raise bottom line profits!

Heidi Andersen, Shero Leadership Academy