Terrace sessions: Anna Bennich Karlstedt, Franco Lodato and Robin Teigland

09:30-10:30 Day 2

Venue: The Playa aka the Epicenter Terrace

Over the days you will meet in total approx. 100+ speakers including Franco Lodato, master innovator and world leading industry deigner, think design like Maserati, Pininfarina, Motorola and many more. Now leading design at toys giant KidsII, Anna Bennich Karlstedt, psychologist, author and TV commentator, about winning by better managing digital stress and Robin Teigland, Professor at Stockholm School of Economics and Co-Director fo the Center for Strategy & Competitiveness. 

Note: The main stage sessions on the Playa are only for full-access, VIP participants and participants with one or two day passes. 


Morning sessions:

08.00 Breakfast and Matchmaking

09:00 The new new things

Ola Ahlvarsson, Sime

09:20 From digital stress to digital success

Anna Bennich Karlstedt, Psychologist and TV4 Expert commentator

09:40 Designing the future – up close with one of the world’s leading industry designers

Franco Lodato, a pioneer in nature inspired product design for many iconic brands. Franco now takes on the challenge of designing our children’s future universe

10:00 Blockchain and the Trust Revolution

Robin Teigland is Professor of Business Administration at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), and Co-director for the Center for Strategy & Competitiveness. 

Key takeaways:

  • Why the blockchain now?
  • What does the blockchain mean for value creation in society today and in the future?
  • How can you learn more about the blockchain?

Afternoon sessions:

14:30 Growth story – re-imagining the music industry

Oscar Höglund, CEO at Epidemic Sound ddfd

15:00 Growth story – the amazing story of Paradox

Fredrik Wester, CEO and founder Paradox

15:20 Detoxify your life – an essential guide to thinking, doing and feeling great

Melitsa Waage – author and fitness influencer shares her remarkable story from being a foster home child with heroin addict parents to being a change-maker helping others.

15:40 Joining the Hyperloop and other world changing adventures

Rodrigo F. Sa, Global Head of Business Development,  Hyperloop.