Future of transportation – the roads, waves and rails ahead

08:30–10:30 Day 2


Venue: Disruption hall

The future of transportation takes a birds eyes view on the future of transporting people, goods and bytes and how this affects how we travel, live and work. From self-driving cars, high speed trains, Uber drones and how transportation rewrites the rules of cities and business.


08:30 The roads, rails, clouds and waves ahead – a curious look at the future of transportation

Ola Ahlvarsson, Sime

08:45 Taking the train to the future

Claes Lindholtz, Director Business Development and Digital Tranformation, SJ AB

09:00 Can smartphones drive busses?

Stephanie Huf, Head of Marketing, Telia Division X

09:20 Open data – the catalyst for innovation

Karin Jihde, Head of Communications, Samtrafiken i Sverige

Gerhard Wennerström, CEO, Samtrafiken

Elias Arnestrand, Chief Stategist, Trafiklab

09:35 Visions or hallucinations? What’s up with flying cars?

09:50 Welcome to the Hyperloop

Rodrigo F. Sa, Head of Global Business Deveopment, Hyperloop

10:10 Driving strategy – digital tranformation leadership

Niclas Nygren, Senior Director, Software and Electronics, Volvo Cars

Claes Lindholtz, Director Business Deveopment and Digital Transformation, SJ AB