GameTech Summit – Playful Business

11:00–13:00 Day 2


Venue: Disruption hall

Sime GameTech Summit takes a wide and deep look at gaming,one of the world’s favourite past times, most fast growing industries and the passion of hundreds of millions.

Sime GameTech Summit explores gaming as entertainment and as an important industry. We also try to understand the psychology of great game design, how to enable more students to embark on a carreer in gaming, how politicians can understand and legislate better and how to include gamification to engage kids in learning. We also explore gamification and how games can play an increasingly more important tool for business and learning. We look at the latest technology and seek the answer to why the Nordic gaming industry is the most vibrant and successful in the world.

Some of the themes:

The world if gamers ran the show

Technologies that make us go wow!

Myths about gaming and how to kill them

Start-ups that make us go wow!

Games and politics

E-sport making it to the big league

The secrets behind the unicorn factory

Dissecting the brain of a gamer – a neuro scientific perspective

Betting on the blockchain

Games and money – the business models of the future

Gamification beyond the hype – show me the impact

Investing in games – how investors play the game

My scale-up journey – four gaming icons tell their stories

Round two: Building the best region for game development 

Plus: tech safari, mathmaking, demos, sneak previews, breakout sessions, suprises, fund and well… Lots of games.