The Proptech and Buildtech Summit – Building tomorrow’s bits and bricks

13:00–15:00 Day 2


Venue: Disruption hall

At the Sime Proptech Summit the May 31st we will deep dive in the real estate and construction worlds most promising opportunities, look at how we will build and manage properties, share pains and strategies and learn from each other. You will meet speakers like Joyeeta Das, the founder of Guyana, a technology company that translates big data into more easily understood 3D images with clients, from estate agents to Nasa. In addition to thought leaders from companies like Datscha, Result, Stonghold, Salesforce and many more. The main stage agenda is led by Sime’s Ola Ahlvarsson. 


13:00 Welcome to a connected future

Ola Ahlvarsson, founder Epicenter and Magnus Svantegård, Senior Advisor Stronghold Invest AB & CPO Datscha.

13:10 Hyperloop – a game changing vision

13:30 Case safari 

Guyana – translates big data into images you can understand with clients, from estate agents to Nasa
Joyeeta Das, founder and CEO Guyana

Kontor – a technology helping clients find spaces that “maximize their creative and business potential.
Luke Appleby, founder of UK fast grower Kontor

Surprise guest

14:20 The Swedish tech phenomenon (aka how to create a Billion dollar company)

Kina Zeidler, author of “Det svenska techundret” (The Swedish tech wonder).

14:35 CEO talks – driving digital change

14:50 Key takeaways