The Proptech and Buildtech Summit – Building tomorrow’s bits and bricks

13:30-15:30 Day 2

Venue: Disruption hall

Future cities be flooded by digitization with smart buildings, communication materials and a construction sectornthat creates completely different possibilities than today for the industry as well as for the habitants that live and thrive in the cities. Buldtech and Proptech Summit is a tumbling ground for established actors and fast growing buldtech inovators, for the giants of the tech world and their future partners and for all us who, with new technology want to take part in creating the possibilities of the future.

Where: Epicenter House of Digital Innovation, Mäster Samulesgatan 36

When: May 31


Welcome to the city of the future and a trip into Buildtech

New techologies – new possibilities?

Robots – the construction workers of the future?

Strategies for Buildtech

Visions or hallucinations – meet the builtech innovators

The intelligent city

A journey in disruptive innovation

10 Buildtech innovations in 20 minutes

Digital Innovation – best practice and case safari

How we build the future together