Ola Ahlvarsson and friends share trends and the latest tricks of the trade

15:00-16:30 Day 2

Venue: The Playa aka the Epicenter Terrace

Over the days you will meet in total approx. 100+ speakers including Bibop gresta, co-founder of HyperloopRobin Teigland, Professor at Stockholm School of Economics and Co-Director fo the Center for Strategy & Competitiveness and many more.
(Stay tuned – new speakers are released weekly.) 

Note: The main stage sessions on the Playa are only for full-access, VIP participants and participants with one or two day passes. 

15.00 Join the Hyperloop

Bibop Gresta, co-founder of Hyperloop, and together with elon Musk pursuing a bold vision to change train transportation forever.


15.30 Ola Ahlvarsson summarizes the best from the two days of Sime