Terrace sessions: Rodrigo F. Sa, Anna Bennich Karlstedt and more…

14:00–16:30 Day 2

Venue: The Playa aka the Epicenter Terrace

Over the days you will meet in total approx. 100+ speakers including Rodrigo F. Sa, Global Head of Business Development at Hyperloop, Anna Bennich Karlstedt, Psychologist, author and TV commentator, about winning by better managing digital stress and more…

Note: The main stage sessions on the Playa are only for full-access, VIP participants and participants with one or two day passes. 


Afternoon sessions:

14:30 Growth story – re-imaginging the music industry

Oscar Höglund, CEO at Epidemic Sound

15:00 The amazing story of Twitch

Burkhard Leimbrock, Head of Europe, Twitch

15:20 From digital stress to digital success

Anna Bennich Karlstedt – Psychologist and TV4 Expert commentator

15:40 Joining the Hyperloop

Rodrigo F. Sa, Head of Global Business Development at Hyperloop.


Morning sessions:

09:00 The new new things

Ola Ahlvarsson, Sime

09:20 Detoxify your life – an essential guide to thinking, doing and feeling great

Melitsa Waage, author and fitness influencer shares her remarkable story from being a foster home child with heroin addict parents to being a change-maker helping others.

09:40 The new ethics of technology

Joseph Tenzin Oliver, social entrepreneur and change maker, CEO Vision Plan Ltd.

10:00 Blockchain and the Trust Revolution

Robin Teigland is Professor of Business Administration at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), and Co-director for the Center for Strategy & Competitiveness.

Key takeaways:

  • Why the blockchain now?

  • What does the blockchain mean for value creation in society today and in the future?

  • How can you learn more about the blockchain?

10:20 The Future of Education

Christopher Pommerening, founder Our Dream School.