Welcome to Sime Stockholm 2016!

Sime 2016 goes beyond digital transformation and explores the new industrial models that are shaping every industry (yes, yours too) where fast growing international disruptors are challenging traditional leaders, who themselves are seizing digital opportunities and reinventing the path to success.



This year new speakers will be announced every month. This year we also invite you to play a game of trust… If you trust us and book the ticket now, not knowing the full agenda, we give you 40% discount AND promise you a full ticket refund if you are not fully satisfied with your Sime experience.

Sneak preview of some of speakers: Digital pop icon and Grammy winner Imogen Heap, Adam Haar Horowitz, MIT neuroscientist (and mind reading star), Mia Brunell, President and CEO, Axel Johnsson AB and board professional, Robin Starbuck Farmanfarmaian, exponential health expert, Singularity University and author of “The Patient as CEO”, Chris MacDonald, thought provoking passionista, Marco Giberti, world leading event expert and author on physical meetings in a digital world.

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