Anna Bennich Karlstedt

Psychologist, author and TV commentator


Anna Bennich Karlstedt is a psychologist, a psychotherapist and a writer. She has many years of experience as a lecturer and educator in stress, stress management, conflict management, leadership, relationships, working environment and communication. She is a highly appreciated lecturer who describes in a daily and often humorous way psychological knowledge so that it becomes understandable. She is concrete and gives tips and advice in the lectures so that you can start making small changes that give results.

Anna is a popular and recurring expert in tv, magazines and newspapers and a writer and chronologist on the website Psychologist. She is also the author of the books “Sick Stressed – A Handbook in Managing Stress of Stress”, and “The Way Through Divorce – Managing a Lost Love Relationship”.
Anna is nominated twice (2014 and 2016) to the Great Psychologist Prize and in 2017 she was nominated as the Year’s Speaker, Woman.
Anna is educated as a psychologist at Stockholm University, and a physiotherapist, also at Stockholm University. She runs her own business and works with stress, sleep, anxiety and depression, but also with relationships / partner therapy, leadership and lifestyle issues. She worked for four years (2013–2017) as part time as HR Manager at a medium sized construction company in Stockholm, building a HR department, working with the leadership, employee health and psychosocial work environment issues.