Camilla Brinck 

Artist and creator of smash hit cartoon characters Musse & Helium, winning the ears and hearts of kids in ever new formats.


Camilla Brinck is a Swedish singer who released her debut album in the early 2000’s. Camilla is mostly known for her singles “Bye Bye Forever (Chiki Chiki)” and “Tell me”. She participated in the semi finals of Melodifestivalen 2005 with the son “Jenny”, but failed to qualify for the final. In 2006 Camilla Brinck joined the Swedish pop band “Noveau Riche”. Their debut album “Pink Trash” was released in 2007.

Camilla has created the audiobook adventure “Musse & Helium”, where she also makes all characters’ voices as well as produces all music and sound effects making the very popular series so loved.