Hannes Sjöblad 

Internationally recognized thought leader, speaker, media commentator, investor and professional advisor on biohacking, human augmentation and the impact of exponential technologies on the human condition..


With an international business background, deep insights in emerging technology fields and an easy going style of communication, Hannes is a popular speaker and business advisor on tech trends, in particular relating to the impact of technology on our bodies. Hannes’ work and insights into near- and in- body technology has been recognized in numerous appearances in among others Wired, Motherboard, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, CNN, BBC, Daily Mail, Le Figaro, Corriere della Sera, Canal+ and he has been the subject of multiple documentaries.
As a biohacking activist, he works to radically democratize broad public access to powerful biotechnologies. In this setting, he does not step back from experimenting with technology with his own body, and his vision is of a future where the human body has fundamentally different capabilities than it does today..