Joseph Tenzin Oliver

Social entrepreneur and changemaker. CEO Vision Plan Ltd.


Joseph Tenzin Oliver’s mission is to create innovation that will change the future of the world for the better. A social entrepreneur, artist, meditator and speaker, he has dedicated his life to advising dozens of companies, governments, social enterprises and non-profits to innovate using technology and integrate humanitarian and ecological practices. 
His work spans various industries and three continents; Europe, China and USA. From start-ups to some of the worlds-largest companies. He also lived in China for six years, where he founded a strategic innovation consultancy that was known for its leading expertise in China’s and Asia’s current and future innovation, trends and sustainable lifestyles. He has advised on sustainable and smart planning for various cities, including London, and represented the regional and national government of the UK in various capacities as one of the leading creative innovators of his generation. 
He has won numerous awards through consistently pushing the boundaries of professional practice and innovating new business concepts. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, the British Council appointed him a Leading Light, the London Sustainable Development Commission awarded him the position of London Leader, and he is an alumni of both the world famous art college Central Saint Martins and the world’s leading business school, Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He studied Gross National Happiness for Business Leaders in Bhutan and was a board member for the UK-China Partnership Innovation Challenge Fund and the Green Meetings Industry Council. 
As a keen heart-based activist Joseph supports various charities and causes across the world and is an unceasing optimist about the potential for changing ourselves and our external world for the better.