Magdalena Bonde

Chief Commercial Officer
Chief Supply Officer


Magdalena is heading the B2B side of Fyndiq. Fyndiq was born in back in 2010 and is one of the leading e-commerce marketplaces in Sweden today. Fyndiq offers merchants from all around the world access to our over 1.6 million Swedish bargain hunters.
Product- and platform development is the core of our business, building a truly scalable global e-commerce business. With only 60 people we have a turnover of appr. 0.5 billion SEK.

“My agnostic religion is about creating a vision to set eyes on and enabling great people iterating and changing tactics faster then everybody else in a fast moving and ever changning market”.

She is specialised in strategic management, e-commerce, marketplace models. She has a well developed network in the Chinese e-commerce trading industry.

Magdalena also lectures at IHM Buisness School in the art of Business Management. She holds a Master Degree in Strategy and Finance from Heriot & Watt University.