Mathias Johansson 

Senior Manager, Head of Automated and Customized solutions at Telia.


Mathias Johansson is on of Swedens most experienced experts in speech technology and automation. He has a background in general and computational linguistics and has been working in the fields of speech, natural language understanding and automation since the turn of the millennium. He has held different roles over the years in start-ups, mid-size organizations and larger corporations such as Ericsson and Telia, and has closely followed the hype/value cycle around speech technology since the end of the 90:s.

He is currently a senior manager at Telia Sweden, as a head of the unit delivering automation solutions based on AI, robotics and bespoke integrations to Telia’s Enterprise customers as well as to Telia’s own customer service organization across the Nordics. Areas covered are Conversational AI (Speech Solutions and Chatbots), Robotics (RPA and Desktop Automation), Analytics (Customer Interaction Analytics), Self-Service applications (Web, IVR and Apps) and Customized Integrations. The unit works with partners as well as in-house R&D to deliver state-of-the-art solutions and technology