Peter Burman 

Program Manager, Mine Automation, Boliden – a pioneer in 5G and autonomous trucks deep down in the mines.


Swedish mining company Boliden already having pioneered the usage of wireless communication and 3D positioning in the mines. All people and vehicles in the Swedish mines are fully traceable which creates a safe environment. Next step is introducing 5G technology  and autonomous trucks, a cutting edge collaboration project with Telia, Ericsson and Volvo.

Peter holds MS and an MBA and has been Project Manager in the Mine Automation program since 2012. 2015 he was appointed Program Manager for the whole Mine Automation Program. After working for Boliden 1988–1995  he left for the telcom industry. During 17 years at Ericsson and Ascom he worked in various positions like R&D Manager and Business Area Manager.

Peter also coordinates Boliden’s contacts with some European Universities and research organizations.