Scott Roemermann

Innovation Lead, Nordic Morning


Mass personalization ambitions: How brands can achieve hyper relevance at scale

As marketing organizations move rapidly towards mass personalization of messaging and micro segmentation of audience, they meet the new content conundrum: How to produce and handle large volumes of content while maintaining quality and performance.

In this presentation, Scott Roemermann, Innovation Lead at Nordic Morning, will address how to prepare marketing teams for this shift with the technology, workflows, and data needed to dramatically increase content velocity.


Scott Roemermann is Innovation Lead at Nordic Morning, the largest data-driven marketing company in Scandinavia. At Nordic Morning, Scott has worked with many blue-chip clients and built an extremely successful SEO Team based on a unique, high-impact approach designed specifically for large enterprises. In his current role, Scott is on a mission to help Nordic brands get serious about truly looking after more of their customers’ experiences through mass personalisation.

Scott likes to do things differently. He believes marketing is ripe with unseized opportunity to have an explosive business impact.  Especially in the age of digital transformation, when we have so many new technological advancements available at our fingertips to fuel high-impact change (and make working with marketing transformation such a thrill).