Social Impact Zone

08:00–17:00 Day 1

Sime Social Impact invites non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurs for a free, invitation-only, Sime experience with a long and proud tradition.
Together with Ekskäret Klustret we will be hosting a Sime Social Impact Zone in Klustret’s unique co-creating environment and at the “Revelation Space”.

Aiming to build bridges between the social impact sector and the business sector to address the complexity and turbulent challenges we face at work and in society, we look at which topics are on top of the “social impact agenda” of today and tomorrow, in times of constant change and complexity.

Agenda overview Day 1

08:00–08:50 Morning kick-off – values and connecting through storytelling: set your intentions for Sime 2018

Breakfast and welcome at Klustret, floor 7, with Therese von Blixen, co-founder Sime Social Impact, Caroline Stiernstedt Sahlborn, Ekskäret Stiftelsen and Heidi Andersen, Shero Leaders.

For the rest of the day, we invite you to join both the Leadershift Zone and Sime sessions, with topics highly relevant to leader- and ownership from a social impact perspective. 

To give you a little help to navigate the agenda, these are the slots we would say are the most relevant to Sime Social Impact guests:

@ Sime & Sime Social Impact:

09.00–11.00 The Opening and Inspiration Session of Sime the first day with Ola Ahlvarsson and key note guests is always a fun and inspiring look into what’s new and what’s coming.

Venue: the Playa a.k.a. Epicenter Terrace

14:30 Fake it till you make it – Lies, truth and lifehacks in the age of digital 

Oobah Butler, uses comedy and absurdity to comment on the modern era of fake news.

Key takeaways: 

–How Oobah turned the Shed in his backyard to London’s top rated restaurant on TripAdvisor.

–How he swindled his way into Paris Fashion Week.

–His thoughts on fake news, and what we can learn from it to reach through the buzz.

Venue: the Playa a.k.a. Epicenter Terrace

15:20 Ensuring AI is used for good – ethics and trust as a foundation

Tom Nickels, Senior Advisor, Avaus Marketing Innovations

16.00–16.45 Sime Social Impact Expert talk: Using your business power for positive impact – Telia and Salesforce as influence companies

Salesforce launched its foundation with the 1-1-1 model already from the onset, and which has now been copied by the likes of LinkedIn and many more, while Telia’s latest social impact model YOUNITE has engaged 50 % of its employees in only 12 months. Together they show us effective ways to make a positive impact both within and outside of the company.

Venue: Revelation space 

@ Klustret:

14:00–14:50 Leadershift calls for superskills- being human in rapid growth.

Leveling up your leadership skills to co-create solutions to complex challenges. 

Caroline Stiernstedt, Ekskäret Stiftelsen & Johan Holm, Gro

16:00–16:30 How to build successful teams and avoid pitfalls

Ability To Improve/MyNeeds Marianne Strindin

Additional opportunities: 

17:00–19:00 After Work cocktail light version @ The Playa (a.k.a Epicenter Terrace)