IoT Summit
13:00–15:00 Day 2


Venue: Disruption hall 

The Sime IoT Summit brings together the leaders, thinkers , doers and innovators of the entire expanding IoT arena. We share experiences, explore international and local case safaris, meet top management and innovative disruptors in our quest for seizing the opportunities in an IoT future.


13:00 Next wave IoT – promises and pitfalls in a world of unlimited access

Mahesh Kumar, CEO Result, co-founder Epicenter and Innovation Labs and moderator of the session

13:10 From Tech Buzz to Business Value – State of IoT in the Nordics and the Baltics

Key findings from Telia’s Connected Things report 2018.

Björn Hansen,  Head of IoT, Telia Division X

13:30 Tech with a human touch making true sense of sensordata 

Sensors can collect immense amounts of data on people’s behavior or activities. The challenge is to uncover the real human needs behind the observations, and translate them into smart solutions. Ellen Sundh shares her insights from cutting edge IoT projects in the intersection between technology and humanity, and shows us how a smart world can get even smarter. 

Ellen Sundh, Creative Technologist, Veryday

13:50 3 companies riding the IoT wave – movement, energy and connected plants
Anders Hardebring, CEO, Imagimob, Esbjörn Jagebro, Country Manager, Naava and Gustav Stenbeck, CEO, Mestro share visions, learnings, thaughts, doughts and offerings in a hyper connected society with Mahesh Kumar.

14:10 Connecting a mine for the future – deep insights from down under

How Swedish mining company Boliden prepares for next step with 5G-connectivity and autonomous vehicles.

Peter Burman, Program Manager Mine Automation, Boliden

14:30 Big data, buildings and new business models– using social analytics for home service design

Big data and business models is Elena Malakhatkas research area at KTH. Or rather, how to find new and sustainable business models to make sense of big data and improve energy performance of buildings. KTH Live-in-Lab, a well-instrumented laboratory facility enabling collection of all kinds of data concerning building performance and resident’s behavior is her first big case. Here she reveals her findings.

Elena Malakhatka, PhD Reseacher, KTH

14:45 Robotic Companions – the future of sex, love, relationships and beyond

Why we will fall in love with robots, sooner than we think.

Matt McMullen, founder RealBotix, creator of the first artificial girlfriend, Harmony, in talk with Mahesh Kumar.