Expert talks


Venue: Revelation Space unless noted

A Sime Expert talk is a thought leader session where handpicked experts and executives discuss a topic with the ambition to dig deeper and share experience. Group sizes range from 15 to 50 with an average of 30 participants.

The Expert talks is were where the most relevant topics and smoking hot phenomena are covered in the Expert Talks format.

Expert Talks will be held for example on the following topics (more to come and subject to change):

Building an iconic brand – lessons from being the global marketing director of Apple

A unique opportunity to meet with Allison Johnson, Apple’s former Global marketing director under Steve Jobs and one of the world’s most iconic brand builders. Real lessons learned, and behind the scenes. 

Host: Result

Guest speaker: Allison Johnson

Growing at hyper speed – how Salesforce uses Salesforce for 30% annual growth 

Salesforce uses its own platform to grow faster than almost any company in the world, how can you do the same? During this event Salesforce will take you behind the scenes on its own strategy and tactics. Get ready to learn and discuss how Salesforce uses Salesforce for sales and marketing.

Host: Salesforce

Crowd insights

The smart and connected society can get even smarter and greener when we analyze available data. When we get insights on how crowds move, where they come from and go to we can help optimize everything from public transport to smarter city planning and contribute to a more sustainable society. When data quickly is turning into the world’s most valuable resource it’s of uttermost importance to act responsibly, mitigating the risks and securing data privacy.

Host: Telia

Guest speaker: Marcus Velin, Global Business Developer for Telia Crowd Insights 

Making IoT your business – exploring the business opportunities in an IoT world

Host: Telia

Value realization – 5 ways to get a positive return on marketing

It all boils down to ways of working – having the right set of skills, resources and processes in place to work effectively and drive business results. But how can we make it happen? In her Expert Talk, Avaus expert on Growth Hacking, Ilona Vigren shares her best practices and learnings from the transformation of several organizations. We will discuss how to use Growth Hacking to drive business results – and get higher ROI.

Host: Avaus

Guest speaker: Ilona VigrenGrowth Hacking Business Lead