Venue: Disruption hall

Sime’s ultimate customer excellence summit focuses on the strategies, new skills, content and technologies that make business rock in an increasingly technology driven world.


13:00 Customer Obsession

Ola Ahlvarsson, Co-creator Sime

13:10 Apple inside – Unboxing the Art of Customer Excellence Perfection 

Allison Johnson, Marketing Executive, VP Worldwide Marketing Communications, Apple Inc. during Steve Jobs.

13:30 Growth IQ

Tiffani Bova, Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce and author of Growth IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make of Break Your Business.

14:00 Show Me Yours – Four Strategies for Customer Excellence

Maria Izzo, Automation Lead, iZettle and more…

14:20 Voice and AI will transform the way people work

“We’re in the midst of an incredible technological shift, where the power of voice is fundamentally changing the way we work. Voice will usher in a new era of conversational CRM, delivering new levels of productivity and redefining customer experiences with voice technology.

Baman Motivala, Area Vice President Nordics at Salesforce.

14:40 Surprise Guest