Inspiration session: Oobah Butler, Matt McMullen, Chris Dancy,  and more…

Day 1: 14:00–16:00

Afternoon sessions:

14:00 Fake it till you make it – lies, truth and lifehacks in the age of digital 

Oobah Butler uses comedy and absurdity to comment on the modern era. Whether it’s swindling his way as a fake jeans designer, Georgio Peviani, to the top of Paris Fasion Week or letting his Instagram followers vote on every decision he made for a day, his ambition is to explore different worlds in an interesting contemporary way.

Key takeaways:  
–How Oobah turned the Shed in his backyard to London’s top rated restaurant on TripAdvisor.
–How he swindled his way into Paris Fashion Week.
–His thoughts on fake news, and what we can learn from it to reach through the buzz.

14:30 Riddle of Innovation – Exponential growth

Maks Giordano, digital strategist, founder Kreait

14:45 re:think – Future of Retail

The retail landscape is changing rapidly. What can we expect? Elin Allison is responsible for the solutions Telia launches to the Retail industry. She is an expert in how data can be used in retail to improve the customer experience, and here she will share her knowledge.

Elin Allison, Business Manager Retail, Telia Company

15:10 re:think – Future of Homes

How will we live in the future. In which way can buildings get smarter. How can VR and AR enhance our lives? Russian born Elena Malakhatka is currently doing research in the KTH Live-in Lab in Stockholm, in the area of data driven design for smart buildings. Here she shares her findings.

Elena Malakhatka, PhD Researcher KTH.

15:30 Ensuring AI is used as a force for good – ethics and trust as a foundation

Tom Nickels, Senior Adviser/Founding Partner, Avaus

Key takeaways:

–Top 5 ethical issues in artificial intelligence

–How to build trust with AI

–A code for etics for AI 

15:50 Hooking up with the world’s most connected man

Chris Dancy, Health and wellness pioneer, healthcare technology leader and entrepreneur, frequently referred to as “the world’s most connected human” recently released a new book, “Don´t unplug” on his life as cyborg.

Key takeaways:

–How tech can improve your life.

–Bodyhacking as a lifestyle.

–A glimpse of your life in a not too distant future


16.10 The future of sex, love and AI companions 

Matt McMullen, founder Realbotix, the creator of Harmony the AI lover and sex companion.

Key takeaways:

–Up close with Harmony, the first AI robotic girlfriend.

–Why we will all have sex with robots and maybe fall in love with them.

–AI and emotions.

Morning sessions:

09.00 Trying to make sense of today and tomorrow

Ola Ahlvarsson, co-creator, Sime and Mahesh Kumar, CEO Result.

Key takeaways:

–Technology as a tool for change and chaos.

–Highlights, from the past and thoughts about the year to come. Cool cases and phenomena.

–What to expect during Sime.

09.30 AI and Humanity – Being a human in an AI world

Max Tegmark, professor at MIT, physicist and cosmologist.

Key takeaways:

–A crash course in the future of AI (and humanity).

–The good, the bad and the ugly –the ethics of AI.

–Science and Science Fiction –what is what?

10.00 AI for education  capturing the complexity of the brain

Joel Hellermark, founder and CEO of AI startup Sana Labs, awarded “Supertalent of the Year” and “Entrepreneur of the year” for his work with personalizing education by applying the latest findings in AI and neural networks tells his story.

Key takeaways:

– How education can be individualized with the latest findings in AI, deep learning, neural networks and brain research.

– Capturing the complexity of the brain, the next great education revolution.

– A great founders story, featuring a 21 year old super talent

10.20 Growth IQ – How to get smarter about the choices that will make or break your business

Tiffani Bova, Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce (one of the fastest growing companies in the world) and author of Growth IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Business reveals key learnings on growth from more than 30 fast growing companies, Fortune 500´s to starts ups, featured in her book.

Key takeaways:

–Key insights from Tiffani’s book.

–Learnings from Salesforce’s unparalleled growth journey.

–How the right use of data drives the right decisions and fuel growth.

10.40 How to establish and drive a high performance company culture

A strong brand is built from within through a strong organizational culture, with common goals, passionate people and a strong ability to cooperate – we have to work together instead of side by side. Linda Hammarstrand, Co-founder Culture Academy, expert in company culture-building, shares her deep insights and inspiring thaughts on a subject more imporant than ever.

Key takeaways:
– How to create a high-performing organizational culture
– How to link great values to great results
 How to attract great people, and keep them …

Venue: The Playa aka the Epicenter Terrace

Over the days you will meet in total approx. 100+ speakers including Matt McMullen, founder Realbotix, the creator of Harmony the AI lover and sex companion, Oobah Butler, Journalist, filmmaker, Vice Media, Chris Dancy, the world’s most connected human and more…